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Collected together, thereby forming a cluster, clump, or mass of individual units.


(1) Aggregated.
(2) Agglutinated.


, agglomerated (ă-glomĕr-ăt, -ātĕd)
To gather into a mass.
[L. ag-glomero, to wind into a ball; from ad, to, + glomus (glomer-) mass, ball of yarn]
, agglomerated (ă-glomĕr-ăt, -ātĕd)
Synonym(s): aggregated.
[L. ag-glomero, to wind into a ball; from ad, to, + glomus, a ball]


of particles, compacted together into a mass.

agglomerated feeds
particulated feeds compacted or extruded into pellets and similar forms.
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Our TEM data showed a predominance of agglomerated nanoparticles in nanopowders M and K, and a high number of agglomerated nanoparticles that were in contact with the surface of larger particles in regular powder E.
This agglomerated tailings paste fill (ATPF) consists of pelletized mill tailings as aggregates and also tailings for the matrix of paste fill along with cementing binders.
The agglomerated ore particles are conveyed out to the leach pads on a series of modular and movable conveyors.
Wineries have been adopting natural cork-based, agglomerated closures because they offer increasingly better quality for a low price.
Samples containing agglomerated blends of sodium phosphate had less protein exudate than did samples containing sodium tripolyphosphate, poly- and pyrophosphates, and potassium and sodium polyphosphates, but not the samples containing polyphosphates.
The 50-lb samples agglomerated with cement, lime, Leach-It, and a blank, were leached with 0.
Qualification system without call for competition: A) the supply of fresh agglomerated or equivalent granular activated carbon according to drinking water treatment.
Easy to granulate, agglomerate or compact, it joins agglomerated grades galenIQ[TM] 720 and 721.
Trost Air impact mills pulverize hard, brittle, soft, and agglomerated materials, as well as those with low melting points.
The agglomerated mass of particulates appeared spherical in overall shape and compact (Figure 7).
C*HiForm can be supplied in powder form or agglomerated.