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Collected together, thereby forming a cluster, clump, or mass of individual units.
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(1) Aggregated.
(2) Agglutinated.
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, agglomerated (ă-glomĕr-ăt, -ātĕd)
To gather into a mass.
[L. ag-glomero, to wind into a ball; from ad, to, + glomus (glomer-) mass, ball of yarn]
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, agglomerated (ă-glomĕr-ăt, -ātĕd)
Synonym(s): aggregated.
[L. ag-glomero, to wind into a ball; from ad, to, + glomus, a ball]
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The eigenvector space is not enough to fully express the similarity among agglomerated nodes because the nodes connected to each other are projected into a similar place in feature space and it is very difficult to distinguish similar projections.
Our TEM data showed a predominance of agglomerated nanoparticles in nanopowders M and K, and a high number of agglomerated nanoparticles that were in contact with the surface of larger particles in regular powder E.
In addition, steel and iron mill sludges which have become a large waste disposal problem in the steel industry, have been successfully agglomerated through a process of pressure agglomeration.
For comparison with the base silica sieve analysis, two other sieve analyses are required: the AFS sieve analysis without clay plus the total percent weight of all AFS clay (washed molding sand - WMS) and the dried agglomerated sieve analysis (unwashed molding sand - UWMS).
Four-wheel drive cars emerged as the top product category re-exported from Bahrain with a value of BD21.8m, gold ingots came in second place netting BD21.6m followed by agglomerated iron ores and concentrates in third place with BD16.4m.
Gold ingots emerged as the top product re-exported from Bahrain with BD10 million, four-wheel drive cars came as second products with BD7 million, and agglomerated iron ores and concentrates came as the third with BD6 million.
In its various forms, agglomerated cork is the basis of most technical corks on the market today.
BENEO announced the launch of its innovative natural solutions for sugar replacement which provide a new synergistic effect by offering well-balanced combinations of agglomerated grades of BENEO's naturally derived bulk sweeteners: ISOMALT, Palatinose[TM], inulin and oligofructose as well as Stevia, completing BENEO's naturally derived sweetener portfolio.
A control containing no salt or phosphate, as well as samples containing sodium tripolyphosphate, agglomerated blends of sodium phosphate, poly- and pyrophosphates, polyphosphates, and potassium and sodium polyphosphates, were utilized as treatment variables.
This bonds the grains, one layer at a time, to the agglomerated shape being formed below.