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Collected together, thereby forming a cluster, clump, or mass of individual units.


, agglomerated (ă-glomĕr-ăt, -ātĕd)
To gather into a mass.
[L. ag-glomero, to wind into a ball; from ad, to, + glomus (glomer-) mass, ball of yarn]


(ă-glom′ĕ-rāt″) [L. agglomerare, to roll into a ball]
To congregate, form a mass.
agglomeratio (-rā′shŏn)
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In particular, shape parameters such as particle convexity and circularity are shown to be important in differentiating primary particles and agglomerates.
The reason why the MWNT is prone to be dispersed in the core may be that MWNT exhibits agglomerate phenomenon and poor interfacial adhesion, and its fluidity is not fine in the composite.
In general, aggregates and agglomerates have lower circularity than primary particles, and can be distinguished from them on this basis.
conversion factors for relating weight to particle and agglomerate numbers and surface area should be standardized.
A steady agglomerate and network build-up takes place as agglomerates coalesce while the shear rate is lowered continuously.
The company has a well-earned reputation for producing high quality reprocessed compound agglomerate and granulate in a variety of different plastics.
Triskelion lumpbreaker, double Rotocage lumpbreaker, and single Rotocage lumpbreaker for friable solids such as agglomerates, wet cakes, crystals, extrusions, pellets, waxes, fibers, chunks, slabs, and sheets that normally do not require ball, hammer, or pin mills.
Hydrodynamic forces are determined by the strength and geometry of the flow field produced by the shear stress, while particle-particle interaction forces and the packing arrangement of individual particles within the agglomerate determine agglomerate cohesivity.
The unit is designed to process sticky, slow-to-crystallize copolymer pellets that have a tendency to agglomerate between the glass transistion point and the final crystallization point.
of Wisconsin, discussed particle and agglomerate size distributions and their relationship to clay and fines in reused green sand.
ArmStar was formed to manufacture high-style agglomerate marble flooring tiles, made through polymer concrete technology and sold under the trademark "Armstone.
Rising to the top of the latex, they quickly agglomerate into clumps that distort each sphere's shape.