agger nasi

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 [aj´er] (pl. ag´geres) (L.)
an elevation.
agger na´si ridge of nose: an elevation at the anterior free margin of the middle nasal concha.
Agger nasi. From Dorland's, 2000.

ag·ger na·si

an elevation on the lateral wall of the nasal cavity lying between the atrium of the middle meatus and the olfactory sulcus; it is formed by the mucous membrane covering the base of the ethmoidal crest of the maxilla.
Synonym(s): nasal ridge

ag·ger na·si

(ahgĕr nāsī) [TA]
Elevation on the lateral wall of the nasal cavity lying between the atrium of the middle meatus and the olfactory sulcus.
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Natural draining ostium of an agger nasi cell: A case report.
The agger nasi cell in frontal recess obstruction: Anatomic and clinical correlation.
Post-treatment CT demonstrated thickening in the ethmoid and maxillary sinuses; a single frame from this scan showed the agger nasi cell (figure 1).
It is inadequate to identify other structural abnormalities like Concha bullosa, Paradoxical middle turbinate, Haller cells, Onodi cells, Osteomeatal complex and Agger nasi cells.
Avoiding excessive resection of the agger nasi cell medially will minimize the risk of an inadvertent destabilization of the middle turbinate.
In our study the most anatomical variation was agger nasi cell and least was Rathke's pouch remanent.
6) The boundaries of the frontal recess are typically formed by the agger nasi cell anteriorly; the lamina papyracea laterally; the most anterior and superior portion of the middle turbinate medially; and the ethmoid bulla, its associated bulla lamella, and the suprabullar cell (if present) posteriorly.
Frontal recess can be narrowed by various anatomical variants like (a) Agger nasi cell (b) Uncinate process (c) Ethmoidal Bulla (d) Fronto-ethmoidal Cell (3)
Agger nasi cells were observed in 4 patients (4%) (FIG 7).
Polyps blocking the frontal recess opening into the middle meatus were cleared, agger nasi cells were exenterated, and mucus was drained from the frontal sinus.
The anatomic variations studied include concha bullosa, paradoxical middle turbinate, retroverted uncinate process, overpneumatized ethmoid bulla, haller cells, agger nasi cells and septal deviation.