Denotes self-directed actions aimed at personal development or personally chosen goals.
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But it also might reflect other behavioral considerations that reinforce agentic subservience to CEOs.
They are self-determination theory, the agentic perspective, goal setting theory, and attribution theory.
Finally, the present finding regarding the strong role the self played in both emotion and self-understanding also supports both Bussey and Bandura's (2004) agentic social cognitive theory and Maccoby's (1998) self-socialization theory claiming that children's social cognitive abilities determine in part how the environment influences their sense of self.
Individuals with higher levels of hope have the agentic capacity to set and pursue goals in such a way that they stay motivated throughout the pursuant process (Luthans et al.
vision of vigor and energy was synonymous with virility--and with agentic, as opposed to communal, traits.
Gender: Eagly and Wood (1985) posit that the male role has an agentic focus which gives rise to the tendency to be assertive and controlling while the female role has a communal focus which leads to a caring attitude for the welfare of others.
One pathway was labeled default individualization because it involves decisions dictated by circumstance and impulse, with little agentic effort.
And, as Chris Lautoris's essay on funeral monuments emphasizes, the postures of maternal tragedy may very well be agentic, but they also comprise "a feminine language of death" (155).
The next two types of factors--having to do with movements' organizational structure and strategic choices--are the most agentic.
Their research suggests that males are more agentic (masterful) and forcefully follow goals having immediate personal consequences.
One sociologist suggests that place "is not a setting or a background but an agentic player in the game--a force with detectable and independent effects" that "mediates social life" (Gieryn 2000).
nanda girls as a whole, during that period, thus proving the agentic role aptly played by indigenous females in challenging the hegemony of patriarchy.