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an organization that performs actions for other people, particularly of a service nature.
home health agency a public agency or private organization that is primarily engaged in providing skilled or paraprofessional home health care to individuals in out-of-hospital settings, such as private homes, boarding homes, hospices, shelters, and so on. Its policies must be established and supervised by professional personnel, including one or more physicians and one or more registered nurses. It must maintain clinical records on all patients. In states with laws licensing such agencies, it must be licensed pursuant to such laws and approved as meeting the standards established for such licensing. It must also meet certain other requirements as specified in the Social Security Act, section 1861 (o).
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A generic term for a governmental or non-governmental organisation which is responsible for delivering services and for which workers may work for pay or as volunteers.
Legal A relationship established between two parties in which one party (the agent) is empowered to act on behalf of the other (the principal).
Managed care An organization, enterprise or governmental body.
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Executive agencies, on the other hand, must stay within the limits of procedural statutes and enabling legislation.
Transportation Command worked with the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Defense Logistics Agency, and Office of the Secretary of Defense to map the interconnections between agencies, leveraging the great work done by individual agency architects."
By establishing stringent, yet clear criteria for registration, Congress would not only ensure the continued validity of ratings issued by registered credit rating agencies, but would generate more competition in the credit rating market.
The new law requires state agencies to collect certain information about any person or organization contacting it about a procurement in attempts to influence same during the Restricted Period.
Agency personnel as well as their clients tend to overwhelmingly report the positive impacts that undergraduate service learning students have at their agencies (Vernon & Foster, 2002).
Many agencies would become partners, including, of course, the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office (JSO).
The agencies encourage financial institutions to assist affected institutions and consider all reasonable and prudent actions that could help meet the critical financial needs of their customers and their communities.
Creative thinking about how to write an account is appreciated by agencies and creates loyalty because too few companies practice it.
Consumer organizations, whose membership and officers are comprised of a majority of individuals with disabilities, are an invaluable resource for State vocational rehabilitation (VR) agencies. These organizations provide a network of individuals whose knowledge and experiences can significantly supplement the efforts of a VR agency in meeting its mission and in empowering persons with disabilities to achieve their employment and independent living goals.
Each document is stored as a digital file in a central repository and can be transferred as electronic copies to the state agencies that process claims or over the Internet in encrypted form to outside medical experts.

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