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He added: "We need to see a fundamental shift in attitudes towards older people - they display an interest in selfemployment on a huge scale but feel they are being held back by negative perceptions and ageist attitudes.
I bet sensible Lib Dems are kicking themselves that, by their ageist treatment of Ming Campbell, they scared off the very man, Cable, who might have made an impact.
Coverage includes media law and the internet; media convergence in the 21st century; the use of the Nuessel-Steward Ageism Rating Instrument for rating print and non- print materials in terms of their ageist verbal, nonverbal, and iconic content; the future of public affairs news; background and a legal analysis of the regulation of broadcast indecency; managing and exploiting overlapping speech and interruption in multiparty talk; and South Africa's media truth commission.
Not only is Bush not a racist, he is not an ageist or a sexist or a fascist or a typist.
I WAS outraged by Suzie Brewer's ageist comments in her column last week.
That includes people who are not only homophobic but racist, sexist, and ageist as well.
CLARE Balding's girlfriend, ex-newsreader Alice Arnold, has slated the BBC as sexist and ageist and says it's obsessed with how women look.
I was starting to feel the major companies were being a touch ageist.
YOUNG people are becoming "resentful" towards workers staying in jobs well into their 60s, revealing ageist attitudes in the workplace, according to a new report.
EX-BBC1 boss Jay Hunt yesterday denied being sexist or ageist - and claimed she knew what it was like to be the victim of discrimination.