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a semi-woody perennial native of the American continent. Pulque and aquamiel are produced from it as fermented beverages, and mescal and tequila may in turn be distilled from these.


a genus of the plant family Agavaceae.

Agave americana
contains an unknown toxin; causes lameness, recumbency and muscle damage. Called also century plant, American aloe.
Agave lecheguilla
contains a steroidal or lithogenic saponin; causes photosensitive dermatitis. Called also lecheguilla, tula ixtle.
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Mr Dick said the project was receiving funding from the Queensland Governments Biofutures Acceleration Program to conduct a feasibility study which will consider all processes related to farming the new agave crop, making the biomass products (ethanol and electricity) and delivering the end products to market.
A raiz de la denominacion de origen del tequila en la decada de 1970 y la publicacion de la norma oficial mexicana NOM-006-SCFI-1994, que establece las areas geograficas del pais permitidas para cultivar agave azul tequilero (Agave tequilana Weber), su monocultivo se expandio en dicha entidad (Nunez 2011).
Agave americana cannot be consumed raw as ingesting its sap leads to kidney and liver failure.
Following a surge in demand in the early 2000s, agave prices skyrocketed and many producers were forced to limit 100% agave expressions and push their mixto (51% agave) brands.
The number of agave weevils captured was affected by the treatments, and we found statistical differences between treatments (F = 14.
Warmer temperatures in western Mexico may cause agave plants to mature at a faster rate than originally projected, which could translate into an oversupply of agave, the Consejo Regulador del Tequila (Tequila Regulating Council, CRT) said in 2007 (SourceMex, Aug.
Few producers promote their brands based on agave age or sugar content, although some have focused on estate-grown pinas.
Segun Gentry (1982) y Thiede (2001), Agave difformis forma rosetas subcaulescentes, variables, de 70-100 x 100-150 cm.
Fresh and youthful with flowery and grassy aromas, there's spicy agave on the palate with white pepper, sweet citrus fruit and a clean, crisp finish.
A favourite in trendy restaurants and bars, Tapatio is spicy and full bodied with aromas of agave and tropical fruits, with more agave, vanilla and white pepper on the lingering finish.
Agave nectar is a sweetener that has been hailed as "healthy" because it doesn't raise blood glucose levels as much as most other sweeteners.