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The Agate LS1021A Gateway Kit provides a robust, application- ready software platform to help customers take advantage of the rich I/O and power-efficient computing of our QorIQ LS1021A processor.
a subsidiary of Agate, participates in Oregon's Coordinated Care Organization model to provide Medicaid services to Oregon Health Plan members in Lane County, Oregon.
Swirls of natural graphic design make a group of agate ornaments intriguing for the holiday tree, or just to hang on cupboards or window latches.
Sitrick hasn't seen the documents Agate filed, but says he wouldn't be surprised if they're phony, reports TMZ.
Unfortunately, we're not blessed with many decent agate localities in Wales.
While the wellbeing of its guests takes priority at Agate Hotels, sustainable environmental and social development and, most importantly, renewable energy are also cornerstones of the vision.
Agate bands form in scalloped and undulating layers that more or less follow the shape of the original vesicle or vein.
Several of the protesting editors have mentioned PA Sport Ticker as an alternative to AP sports agate that they have considered.
Englishman Jeffrey Agate, a 59- year-old manager at the Du Pont plant in Derry, was murdered by IRA gunmen as he arrived home the following month.
Indeed, I have just participated in a literary reading of Latvian authors at the 11th Latvian Song Festival in Chicago, Illinois, where I had the honor of sharing the podium with Agate Nesaule.
Agate is a particularly lucky stone for those born under the sign of Gemini.
The first steps toward that goal are being pursued by NASA's AGATE (Advanced General Aviation Transports Experiment) consortium.