against medical advice

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Ayurvedic medicine
A physiologic impurity in the ayurvedic construct.

Abbreviation for “against medical advice”. The self-discharge of a patient from a healthcare facility, contrary to what his or her physician(s) perceive to be in the patient’s best interests


Abbreviation for:
acute metabolic acidosis
acute metabolic alkalosis
advanced maternal age
against medical advise (usually abbreviated in lower case, ama) (Medspeak-UK)
American Medical Association
anterior mesenteric artery
antimitochondrial antibody
antimyosin antibodies
antithyroid microsomal antibody
Association of Metropolitan Authorities (Medspeak-UK)
Australian Medical Association
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against medical advice



A patient's refusal of medically recommended treatments, esp. in the hospital. Dropping out of care or leaving a hospital AMA typically occurs when patients are dissatisfied with the pace or course of their care, carry substance abuse diagnoses, or have a history of multiple hospitalizations. The action may result in an increase in both morbidity and rehospitalization.

Patient care

The patient is asked to sign a release form indicating that the health care facility and those responsible for medical care are not liable for any adverse outcome that may result from the termination of care.

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In unadjusted bivariate logistic model, patients who were advised for follow-up during discharge against medical advice were four times more likely to revisit the hospital within 30 days compared to those who were not advised for follow-up.
Most treatment centers have forms for patients to fill out when they leave against medical advice, but experts say having carefully crafted intake forms that consider that possibility of AMA are just as important.
The prevalence of leaving against medical advice (LAMA) in hospitals varies widely in literature, from less than 1% up to 30% or even more16.
"One of the reasons mentioned in previous studies for leaving the hospital against medical advice is suboptimal communication, which may indeed affect older minority patients more," said Dr.
Palepu, "Readmission rates of patients discharged against medical advice: a matched cohort study," PLoS ONE, vol.
With regard to the outcome in relation to care of patients, the majority (140 397 - 95.4%) of patients were discharged; 3 974 (2.7%) were discharged against medical advice; 2 060 (1.4%) were transferred to other health units; and, 736 (0.5%) died.
At the time, she refused surgical intervention and returned home against medical advice. After 4 weeks, repeated ultrasonography also revealed a huge multiloculated cystic space-occupying lesion, almost taking up the entire abdomen (ovarian origin), along with a single live intrauterine fetus of 26 weeks of gestation (maturity grade 3 with adequate liquor).
After excluding 5,226 index admissions for newborns staying less than 5 days and patients who left against medical advice, transferred out, entered hospice care, or died as an inpatient, 40,961 admissions for 24,558 patients remained.
He was hospitalized 3 months later with fever and cough for 5 days but discharged himself, against medical advice, after 2 days.
Al-Ansari stated that in case parents refused treatment of the child and decide to leave hospital against medical advice, the PEC immediately informed the QFCWP which would follow up the case .
Finally, there is the issue of the at-risk patient who insists on driving against medical advice. The doctor should spare no effort in trying to persuade such a patient to stop, even to the extent of notifying the motor licensing bureau.
Discharge against medical advice (DAMA) occurs when a patient decides to leave the hospital against the opinion of the managing physician.