against medical advice

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against medical advice (ama)

a phrase pertaining to a client's decision to discontinue a therapy despite the advice of medical professionals.


Ayurvedic medicine
A physiologic impurity in the ayurvedic construct.

Abbreviation for “against medical advice”. The self-discharge of a patient from a healthcare facility, contrary to what his or her physician(s) perceive to be in the patient’s best interests


Abbreviation for:
acute metabolic acidosis
acute metabolic alkalosis
advanced maternal age
against medical advise (usually abbreviated in lower case, ama) (Medspeak-UK)
American Medical Association
anterior mesenteric artery
antimitochondrial antibody
antimyosin antibodies
antithyroid microsomal antibody
Association of Metropolitan Authorities (Medspeak-UK)
Australian Medical Association

against medical advice



A patient's refusal of medically recommended treatments, esp. in the hospital. Dropping out of care or leaving a hospital AMA typically occurs when patients are dissatisfied with the pace or course of their care, carry substance abuse diagnoses, or have a history of multiple hospitalizations. The action may result in an increase in both morbidity and rehospitalization.

Patient care

The patient is asked to sign a release form indicating that the health care facility and those responsible for medical care are not liable for any adverse outcome that may result from the termination of care.

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The outcome statistics considered how treatment was concluded (patients leaving treatment against medical advice versus successfully completing treatment and following aftercare recommendations) with comparison of discharge types before and after formal institution of recovering attorneys' program track in October of 1999.
In the course of another, "She said she was going to sign herself out against medical advice,'' he testified.
Patients were waiting for incredibly long periods of time to be seen and, in the end, patients were leaving the hospital against medical advice because there were simply no beds for them.
Despite favorable recommendations at the hearing, the school's administration referred the child to the alternative school against medical advice.
He fought against medical advice to recover from a serious shoulder injury to make it to the Games and said: "I think I have got that winning determination and that uniqueness that I think all successful people in life have.
Since then, James has been assessed as fit for work three times against medical advice.
He was taken to hospital where the wound was cleaned and he discharged himself against medical advice.
Finally, there is the issue of the at-risk patient who insists on driving against medical advice.
Charlie did not comment, though he was with us in the car because the (very) young man at A&E had gone on to say: "Of course if you want to act against medical advice and take him home, that is up to you.
The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality reports a 40 percent increase in the number of patients who left the hospital against medical advice over a recent 12-year period.
The laid-back Londoner reckons he could easily play, but he will not act against medical advice.
A PATIENT was knocked over and killed after signing himself out of hospital against medical advice.