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THE HOOK: The new DVD set of the HBO specials adapted from the Off-Broadway shows of Kathy Najimy and Mo Gaffney also contains newly written skits from their recent laugh riot, Afterbirth.
Between 3 and 7 days afterbirth, macaque babies smacked their lips and stuck out their tongues just as an experimenter did, the researchers report in the September PLoS Biology.
Now, Cruise's partner, Katie Holmes, had their baby last week and although I don't actually know if he went ahead with the strange idea to consume the placenta, or afterbirth, I do know this: as simply writing the above sentence about his rumoured intention makes me feel queasy to say the least, I will never be able to watch a Tom Cruise film in the same way again and I'm certain that there will be more people out there who feel the same way.
Afterbirth support for the mother is essential and all mothers need rest, proper nutrition, physical and mental support.
The potential to form other cell types from these cord-lining stem cells is phenomenal and best of all, they are acquired from the afterbirth which is plentiful and routinely discarded, thus sidestepping the whole ethical conundrum.
A "young white man, beautiful, Jewish, American," Baldwin recalls, "ate his wife's afterbirth, frying it in a frying pan":
Reassurances from friends and well wishers regarding the Swiss medical system and the afterbirth care for the mother and child were not enough for me to feel confident of going through the childbearing process without special care and a personal doctor In any case, horror stories around the whole experience seemed to outweigh those of pleasant experiences.
At the time it was thought the unidentified "bowl shape" might have the priest's own placenta or afterbirth, which Egyptians revered as though it was a twin individual.
A study in the early 1990s showed that the diet of bald eagles between Eugene and Brownsville was about 70 percent dead sheep and sheep afterbirth.
Women are urged not to help to lamb or milk ewes, avoid contact with aborted or newborn lambs or with afterbirth and avoid handling clothing and boots which have come into contact with them.
You could lose your operating privileges, for example, if you even emptied the uterus of someone who was bleeding, unless she had already passed some afterbirth.