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A visual cue that offers an intuitive indication of how an object functions—e.g., a door on an electronic device.


Erogonomics A visual cue that offers an intuitive indication of how an object functions—e.g., a door on an electronic device. See Icon.
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The relationship that exists between the individual and the environment that will facilitate a certain type of movement (e.g., a sliding board affords a child with the opportunity to climb up, sit, and slide down).
[afford + -ance, noun suffix]
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In contrast, the EU member states with the lowest percentage of people unable to afford a one week annual holiday in 2018 were Luxembourg (10.9 per cent, 2017 data) and Sweden (9.7 per cent).
Girls are missing days of school because they can't afford a tampon: Teenager urges the Government to start talking about periods for a change
"Every legislator should be talking about the fact that nowhere in Illinois can a full-time minimum wage worker afford rent," says Sharon Legenza, Executive Director of Housing Action Illinois.
The last time Zimbabweans struggled this much to afford food was in 2008, when inflation hit 500 billion percent.
But the situation looks more promising for two people on a median salary with more than 50% able to afford a mortgage on an average property.
"It's so frustrating because we both work really hard but we can't really afford to live.
Mr Strachan, former chief constable of Northumbria Police, freely admits he can afford to make such a donation.
* A new study released by Feeding America, In Short Supply: American Families Struggle to Secure Everyday Essentials, reveals that many families with children struggle to afford basic, non-food household goods, including products related to personal care, household care and baby care.
All these separate rooms and landscaped gardens cost money, we cannot afford it now.
Nearly one in three said they would definitely not be able to afford a trip with only 19% certain they could afford to go away this year.
"It seems the only party that can afford this long and extended hearing process is Enbridge and, perhaps, the federal government.
If we can afford to pay pounds 50m a day to be a member of the corrupt cesspit of the EU, if we can afford to pay billions of pounds in social security to East Europeans and if we can afford to pay billions in fines to the EU for none compliance with stupid EU rules then surely we can afford to protect our country.