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A visual cue that offers an intuitive indication of how an object functions—e.g., a door on an electronic device.


Erogonomics A visual cue that offers an intuitive indication of how an object functions—e.g., a door on an electronic device. See Icon.


The relationship that exists between the individual and the environment that will facilitate a certain type of movement (e.g., a sliding board affords a child with the opportunity to climb up, sit, and slide down).
[afford + -ance, noun suffix]


a property of an object or a feature of the environment that offers an organism the opportunity to act in a particular way.
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Figures vary from 50% in Powys able to afford the prices while Neath Port Talbot and Rhondda Cynon Taf, both top the board at 81%.
Those whose households earn $24,000 to $47,999 a year are half as likely to report struggling to afford food as those who earn less than $24,000, 19.
We need a living wage as we can't afford to do anything at the moment.
In order to make ends meet, families utilize a variety of coping strategies when they are unable to afford personal care and household care items.
Afford, a chef, admitted perverting the course of justice and was jailed for a year by Peterborough crown court on Monday.
No, I cannot afford to be gay by the standards set by that niche of gay men who are self-proclaimed 'A-list' gays.
A total of 49 per cent of the families surveyed said they could not afford to pay for their children to take part in sports activities during the summer, with 42 per cent unable to afford swimming trips.
In Ventura County 22 percent of families could afford that first home, down from 23 percent in the second quarter and 26 percent a year ago.
The fact is, once you get past the sticker shock of college costs and truly commit to the goal of a college education, you will find ways to afford that investment.
For people who can't afford a comprehensive plan but want to protect themselves from a wipeout.
Stress Level = Financial Situation: 1 = I can afford Christmas no problem2 = I can afford Christmas without saving beforehand, if I'm careful.
Diego Diaz and his wife, Tonantzin Gamboa, had endured a frustrating 3-year search for a house they could afford before coming to CA.