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The stage in autosuggestion in which one exhibits a positive reactive tendency.
[L. affirmatio, fr. affirm, to make strong, fr firmus, strong]


Etymology: L, affirmare, to make firm
(in psychology) autosuggestion, the point at which a tendency toward positive reaction or belief is observed by the therapist.


A statement of intention made as if it were a fact, which is a component of positive thinking. The affirmation concept was championed by Emile Coué, the creator of autosuggestion therapy, and subsequently by Normal Vincent Peale; Coué suggested that his clients repeat affirmative “mantras”—e.g., “…every day, in every way, I am getting better and better…”


n 1. in psychotherapy, reflection on one's positive qualities when confronted with a challenge to self-esteem.
2. a verbal component of yoga practice in which positive words are spoken by an instructor in order to assist an individual to leave behind subconscious negativity.
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Kolodny's argument is valid, but it relies on a premise that both Nagel and Kolodny accept without question: that regret and affirmation are intention-like attitudes.
Dean dela Santa's affirmation marked a kind of turning point.
Find an affirmation inspired by the work of Louise Hay that resonates with you at thejourneywithin.
While Edinburgh 2010 sought to develop broader collaboration in mission, the Manila mission event is highly important for the preparation of the Busan assembly through the work on the new WCC ecumenical affirmation on mission and evangelism.
Mohammad Ali used his affirmation to become the undisputed heavyweight boxing champion of the world and arguably one of the most popular and recognized sports figures of all times
The second is his treatment of the relations of protocols to observation, which he attempted to explain by means of the ill-fated notion of an affirmation.
from which the other characters seek affirmation and
To counteract that emotional trauma, gay and lesbian Mormons have formed several pro-gay support groups, including Cloward's Gay LDS Young Adults in Salt Lake City, Family Fellowship, and Affirmation, which has chapters throughout the country.
Jesus did not say to Simon Peter: "Thou art Warm and Fuzzy, and upon this feeling of indiscriminate affirmation I will build my Church.
which promotes "quality of thought and stillness of being," offers an Affirmation Station that "gradually lulls you to sleep and wakes you with your personal affirmation in your own voice.
Of the poets Scott discusses, Warren most stressed the fact of evil, and though Scott brings this out as he summarizes the poems, he does not explore the problems this creates for Warren's general affirmation of things as they are.