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The stage in autosuggestion in which one exhibits a positive reactive tendency.
[L. affirmatio, fr. affirm, to make strong, fr firmus, strong]
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A statement of intention made as if it were a fact, which is a component of positive thinking. The affirmation concept was championed by Emile Coué, the creator of autosuggestion therapy, and subsequently by Normal Vincent Peale; Coué suggested that his clients repeat affirmative “mantras”—e.g., “…every day, in every way, I am getting better and better…”
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This week I give a pause to the chakra meditations to suggest a handful of positive affirmations for each new day.
However, it was deferred as the NCIP refused to issue her affirmation.
The oath or affirmation is to be administered to the President-elect by the Chief Registrar before the Chief Justice, or, in the absence of the Chief Justice, the Deputy Chief Justice, not earlier than 10.00 am and not later than 2.00 pm.
(3) Wallace's counterpart to all-in regret is on-balance affirmation. On-balance affirmation involves an on-balance preference that the object of affirmation did occur.
The affirmations comprising "Affirmations for Family Caregivers" come from Harriet's eighteen years of caregiving experience, with more years to come.
Moody's stated that the affirmation of the ratings "reflects GIB's strong capital and liquidity buffers; improvements in the bank's asset quality metrics; and a reduction in the level of concentrations of the bank's asset base".
The agency further explained that "the affirmation of GIB's A3 foreign-currency deposit and senior debt ratings reflect Moody's view of a very high probability of support from the bank's major shareholder, Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund".
Thereafter, the Speaker will have the Oath or Affirmation administered to him by the Secretary-General of Parliament and sign the Roll of Members.
The Outlook revision and ratings affirmation follows the recent revision on Tunisia's Outlook to Stable from Negative and affirmation of its IDR at 'BB-'", dated 27 March 2015.
The ruling upholds a state law that requires witnesses to swear on the Christian Bible or make a non-religious affirmation before offering testimony.
Deeply drink in your affirmation with the sandblasted intention on Blue Bottle Love.