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Academic medicine The association of a person, institution, or organisation with others; in US hospital parlance, an affiliation is a close tie of a health care facility to a medical school or university. In a symbiotic affiliation, the hospital gains prestige and resident physicians who provide patient care; the medical school gains a clinical teaching facility.
MedspeakUS A professional relationship, e.g., an employment relationship, a position as an independent contractor, or the granting of privileges by a health care facility or a health maintenance organisation (HMO).


Medical practice A professional relationship, including an employment relationship, a position as an independent contractor or granting of privileges by a health care facility or HMO See Hospital affiliation.


(ă-fi-lē-ā′shŏn) [L. affiliare, to adopt as one's child]
1. Membership in a larger organization.
2. Association. In nursing or medical education, the administrative merger of two hospitals or schools of nursing. This enables students to obtain specialized training and experience that might not otherwise be available to them.

affiliation (əfil´ēā´shən),

n the incorporation or formation of a partnership by dental professionals for the purpose of practicing the profession of dentistry.
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The vast majority of case law in this area of tort liability addresses vehicles leased from affiliations or other companies, rather than individually owned and operated vehicles.
Filiative bonds must also be read through the same kind of contextual lens as affiliations to understand in depth their political and cultural weight.
The goal of this study is to investigate the aggregate effects of affiliations on patient care, regardless of the pathways from which they emerge.
A twenty-first century issue that has become a part of the financial modernization debate is whether we should move beyond affiliations among financial service providers and allow the full integration of banking and commerce.
Over the past six months, we have observed an increased interest among our clients in exploring affiliation options," said Kathleen Henchey, principal at Noblis Health Innovation.
But what you won't find in these brochures are any indication of party affiliation or specific positions on tough issues.
Let me be clear that the Board's position in favor of expanding the permissible range of affiliations for banking organizations is not a reflection of a concern for banks, their management, or their stockholders.
Those that want to continue their NAR/NYSAR affiliations can do so on their own, he added.
It redefines social networking by allowing members to privately, securely share objectives and relevant connections within trusted group affiliations.
Scripps Company (NYSE: SSP) today sought to set the record straight concerning its role in a decision by the ABC television network to move its affiliation in Phoenix from station KTVK, owned by Media America Corp.
Securities Firm and Insurance Company Affiliations with Savings Institutions
The personal relationships we have built with the Sotheby's International Realty affiliations throughout the world are very strong and will continue.