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Academic medicine The association of a person, institution, or organisation with others; in US hospital parlance, an affiliation is a close tie of a health care facility to a medical school or university. In a symbiotic affiliation, the hospital gains prestige and resident physicians who provide patient care; the medical school gains a clinical teaching facility.
MedspeakUS A professional relationship, e.g., an employment relationship, a position as an independent contractor, or the granting of privileges by a health care facility or a health maintenance organisation (HMO).


Medical practice A professional relationship, including an employment relationship, a position as an independent contractor or granting of privileges by a health care facility or HMO See Hospital affiliation.


(ă-fi-lē-ā′shŏn) [L. affiliare, to adopt as one's child]
1. Membership in a larger organization.
2. Association. In nursing or medical education, the administrative merger of two hospitals or schools of nursing. This enables students to obtain specialized training and experience that might not otherwise be available to them.

affiliation (əfil´ēā´shən),

n the incorporation or formation of a partnership by dental professionals for the purpose of practicing the profession of dentistry.
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M2 EQUITYBITES-August 31, 2017-Sinclair and FOX Broadcasting Company renew affiliation agreements
Authors who list alternate affiliations are certainly a problem for those conducting affiliation searches.
The vast majority of case law in this area of tort liability addresses vehicles leased from affiliations or other companies, rather than individually owned and operated vehicles.
Filiative bonds must also be read through the same kind of contextual lens as affiliations to understand in depth their political and cultural weight.
The goal of this study is to investigate the aggregate effects of affiliations on patient care, regardless of the pathways from which they emerge.
Presitigious affiliations sustain privileged spaces (more research, less teaching) for the creation of more research, and thus more privilege and prestige in one's own affiliative possibilities--a more closed-circuit academic re-routing than most of us are eager to acknowledge.
Since NSPI abandoned its proposed restructuring of the national organization, the board seems receptive to an affiliation request.
New affiliations, if allowed through bank subsidiaries, would accord banking organizations an unfair competitive advantage over comparable insurance and securities firms--both those operating independently and those that are bank holding company subsidiaries.
In addition, Menendez found six Easter Orthodox Christians, 30 members who belong to a variety of smaller religious organizations, and seven who claim no religious affiliation.
Fortifying The Galbreath Company's international scope is a new affiliation with the Mexican real estate firm Robina Bienes Raices, S.
Hernandez also is an attorney whose civic affiliations include the Rockefeller Foundation and the Commission on Presidential Debates.
The most obvious, immediate consequence of the open primary, is the calculated blurring of party and ideological destinations, as many candidates work hard to de-emphasize their party affiliation and soften their stance on any issue deemed even remotely controversial, in a relentless effort to pander to potential crossover voters.