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Academic medicine The association of a person, institution, or organisation with others; in US hospital parlance, an affiliation is a close tie of a health care facility to a medical school or university. In a symbiotic affiliation, the hospital gains prestige and resident physicians who provide patient care; the medical school gains a clinical teaching facility.
MedspeakUS A professional relationship, e.g., an employment relationship, a position as an independent contractor, or the granting of privileges by a health care facility or a health maintenance organisation (HMO).


Medical practice A professional relationship, including an employment relationship, a position as an independent contractor or granting of privileges by a health care facility or HMO See Hospital affiliation.


(ă-fi-lē-ā′shŏn) [L. affiliare, to adopt as one's child]
1. Membership in a larger organization.
2. Association. In nursing or medical education, the administrative merger of two hospitals or schools of nursing. This enables students to obtain specialized training and experience that might not otherwise be available to them.

affiliation (əfil´ēā´shən),

n the incorporation or formation of a partnership by dental professionals for the purpose of practicing the profession of dentistry.
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The effect of affiliations would then be identified not through a comparison of hospitals with affiliations and hospitals without, but instead through hospitals' changes in affiliation status over time.
Banking and commerce affiliations are much more commonly in the form of banks' holding sizable equity stakes in commercial firms, rather than vice versa.
We believe our members will we see enhanced financial and clinical benefits as a result of our affiliation with MedAssets.
Ernest Carlson, a former board member who served on the medical staff for 25 years, said he was optimistic about the affiliation.
They gave the NAR affiliations to their members as options," said one real estate expert familiar with the situation.
Romney said he hoped, however, that in three or four weeks board members would have a sense of which direction they would go in - whether seeking an affiliation or partnership with another hospital or speeding up actions to streamline administrative costs.
Affiliation Networks will also offer customized versions of the instant messaging client, in both downloadable and Java versions, and PeopleLink Interest Group services, including mailing lists and searchable member directories.
The affiliation will augment Seaman Realty & Management Company, Inc.
CollectiveX Enables Group Members to Maximize Return on Involvement by Building Deeper Working Relationships within Existing, Trusted Group Affiliations
She returned to Walker and asked for her registration card back and, after sifting through a stack of cards, found that her card had been altered - the party affiliation changed to Republican, the police report said.
1 /PRNewswire/ -- Baker & Hostetler, a national law firm, and Parson & Brown, a New York law firm, have entered into an affiliation agreement to establish a working relationship between the firms.