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In an affiliated group, this typically occurs when one corporation borrows funds from a third party, then transfers the funds to a related affiliate that invests them in exempt obligations.
There are many circumstances unrelated to Canadian taxation where it is necessary or advisable to transfer the ownership of foreign affiliates within a related group.
But when we become their affiliate, the size of our market will change from south Bay to the full Bay-area (the fifth largest market), and we will have a lot more viewers," says Cornwell.
Thus, when the Board last year decided to reexamine the firewalls, we felt it important to do so with a fresh eye, benefiting from our ten years of experience supervising the section 20 affiliates, acknowledging regulatory and legal developments since 1987, and focusing on the relevance of the firewalls in today's financial markets.
Though the affiliates are predominantly adult service providers, the age range of their clientele is early childhood to over 65.
AMG's platform provides our Affiliates with an opportunity to distribute their investment products to Australian investors in an efficient manner," said Nate Dalton, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer.
There are many circumstances in which it is necessary or advisable to transfer the ownership of foreign affiliates within a related group.
An affiliate of a governmental unit is defined as an organization that has an outstanding ruling or determination from the IRS that it falls under one of the following: * It is entitled to receive deductible charitable contributions as a Sec.
a leading specialty retailer of consumer electronics, selected Performics[R] to manage its affiliate marketing program.
States may choose from a range of options in developing their regimes for taxing a business enterprise and its affiliates, including those that hold intangible assets such as trademarks, trade names, and copyrights.
Affiliates are separate entities chartered by the headquarters of Susan G.
As we commented in August, many taxpayers will be unable to timely obtain or report the requisite information in respect of certain foreign affiliates.

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