feeling tone

(redirected from affective tone)

feel·ing tone

the mental state (pleasure, repugnance, etc.) that accompanies every act or thought.
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Instead, what is at stake is a new type of transcendental experience in which I am lucidly living-through the shifting play of primal sensuous affection and its intimately interwoven affective tone, in its equally intimate correlation with primal kinaesthetic functioning, in the primal standing-streaming present: it is a matter of appreciating primal temporalization not as an abstract or empty form, but in terms of a contentually filled and affectively tinged specificity in which I myself am already kinaesthetically participating (even if I am not consciously controlling my participation).
24) I vividly recall a "glowing red," glimpsed through a partly open door, that maintained both its radiant sensuous plenitude and its affective tone (it was a wonderful sight) for quite some time while resisting all of my attempts to see it as an appearance "of " a red thing.
Thus, for example, feeling and valuing are said to presuppose pregiven objectivities that function as substrates for further acts whose correlate is the affective tone or valence of the objectivities concerned: object-consciousness founds feeling-consciousness (14).
in the case of my investigation into interkinaesthetic affectivity, the key moments are sensuous salience, affective tone, and the kinaesthetics of undergoing), all in play here and now, in the living present, and available in principle for evidential retrieval from anonymity.
Lability and affective tone have been the main variables addressed in the few research studies that have been done on adolescent moods (Bence, 1990, 1992).
Likewise it is not known if the affective tone of one relationship generalizes to the other relationship.
They rated each of the three topics for each of the six weeks on a five-part scale with one (very negative) to five (very positive) reflecting the affective tone of each diary entry.
The reliabilities were considered high enough to justify reporting the average of the four ratings as indicators of affective tone for each of the three topics in the remainder of the results.
The ratings of the affective tone of the three topics (averaged across raters and across weeks) were correlated to determine if they were similar in their orderings.
As in Piper's project, the artist in Voigt's series is doubled as both the one who drafts the model and an organization of sensors recording blips of affective tone.
This is particularly demanding when subtle colloquial meanings are in danger of being lost in translation and when the affective tones and nonverbal cues convey a unique richness for each person.