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a morbid condition or diseased state.
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1. A moderate feeling of tenderness, caring, or love.
2. An abnormal condition of body or mind.
[L. affectio, fr. af-ficio, to affect, influence]
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1. A moderate feeling of tenderness, caring, or love.
2. An abnormal condition of body or mind.
[L. affectio, fr. af-ficio, to affect, influence]
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Any disorder or disease of the body.
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Q. Major mood disorder! Hi guys! My topic is all about major mood disorder, bipolar 1 mixed with psychotic features and I would like to ask if I could get some information regarding with its introduction on international, national and local. Hope you all understood what I mean to ask.

A. Methinks all these brain disorders have everything to do with a lack of copper. With all our modern technology and artificial fertilizers and processing of foods, the food has become so depleted of minerals that our bodies and brains have become so depleted that we cannot even function properly. Start taking kelp, calcium magnesium, cod liver oil, flax seed oil, and raw apple cider vinegar. This will bring healing and normal function to the brain and body systems. The emotions will calm down and be more manageable. If you are taking a vitamin with more manganese than copper it will add to the dysfunction. Don't waste your money. There you are! Some solutions rather than more rhetoric about the problem.

Q. Mood- disorder? What will happen to the people who refuse treatment? I know someone whose mother got diagnosed with "mood- disorder" and now this person says that she don't have it. But all her brothers and sisters have this, and are on medication. Is there a way to save our family heritage?

A. well done, i will start to collect with the agreement of Iri possible causes for disorders (bipolar, mood, whatever you want to call it) to help people to recognize themselves. they all can start in the moment we are in the embryo. parental conflicts, aggressions, sexual behaviours, drugs, alcohol, smoking in abondance can affect us from this moment on.

Q. I think that bipolar is just a mood disorder. I think that bipolar is just a mood disorder. Do I?

A. You are correct, according to the fourth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-IV) Bipolar Disorder is a Mood Disorder. Other conditions in this category are Anxiety Disorders--and of course--Unipolar Depression.

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However, I think he's reading the signals badly by assuming that every time you're affectionate, you're expecting it to lead to sex.
Examining the role that affectionate communication plays in the adult sibling relationship is important for two reasons.
Very affectionate and loving and would like a home with older children.
Sarah-Louise Young's affectionate portrait of Julie Andrews, Julie Madly Deeply, features songs from Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music
The couple arrived together to the gig in LA and were "cosy and very affectionate the entire evening".
* HAPPY AND AFFECTIONATE: Could anyone give Freddie a new home?
During a speech at St Mary's University College in the suburb of Twickenham, the Pontiff said teaching should be carried out in an atmosphere of "respectful and affectionate trust".
The superstar will play classics I'm Down, Paperback Writer, Day Tripper, I've Got Feeling and Helter Skelter, plus Something as a tribute to George Harrison and A Day In The Life as an affectionate nod to John Lennon.
Is the teasing affectionate (sort of funny, sort of sweet) or mean (hurts your feelings)?
It soon starts to dawn on her that her affectionate feelings for him may not reside entirely in the past.
He is very affectionate and is waiting for the right owner to come and take him to his retirement home.
Shelter chief executive Leyla Rutter described George as a happy and affectionate cat.