affect display

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af·fect dis·play

(af'fekt dis-plā'),
Facial expressions, postures, and gestures indicating emotional states.
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II-21 Brightness and Luminance Uniformity: Critical Performance Indices II-22 Optical Inefficiencies Affect Display Performance II-22 LEDs & OLEDs - High Potential as Backlight Units in LCDs II-22 Key Statistical Data.
8 Shifted from blindside but change didn't affect display REPLACEMENTS 16 Sean Crombie .
Alpha Glass is quick and simple to install, does not affect display clarity and is available now for Apple[sup.
If enacted, the proposed FAA rule would affect displays on 139 Boeing 737 and 18 777 planes in the US, the FAA said, pegging the cost of refitting at USD$1.
Characteristically, Sanchez titled the series, dated 2008, as a run-on sentence that at first glance is baffling, but on closer reading becomes apt and profound: "Head/bust series with affect displays 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 My Head Stuck not Struck no TRAPPED as a Constructivist theatre stage, no sculpture, no architecture, no painting .