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Wild-caught snails (n = 150), ranging from 5 to 138 g (shell height 15-63 mm), aestivating in air were weighed daily for 1 month.
Adaptive changes in growth and morphological composition of aestivating giant African land snails, Archachatina marginata and Achatina achatina.
This reminds us that the snail is a moisture-loving creature: in times of heat and drought, to avoid dehydration and death, she will lie low, retreating into her shell and aestivating. But when it rains, she will emerge from her hiding-place, moving around slowly but purposefully, eating and drinking.
Aestivating snails--The physiology of water regulation in the mantle of the terrestrial pulmonate Otala lactea.
Biomass of some earthworm species decreased during droughts, but the biomass of those species capable of digging deep burrows and either aestivating in them or remaining active and returning to the surface at night to feed did not decline.
Along these same lines, it might be selectively advantageous to block induction of the bent morph if the predator is likely to be aestivating when barnacles become reproductive.
fulgens were recorded in each quadrat, as was the shell diameter of dead and live individuals (classified as "active" or "aestivating").