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It can remain fully active under conditions of high RH, or it can aestivate for long periods if the humidity is low.
Migration of individuals might occur horizontally and passively through surface runoff connections between ponds or through vertical movement of individuals if amphipods aestivate in damp sediments below the exposed benthic surface (Batzer & Sion 1999).
can aestivate in dried mud for years, as a way to find out how the kidney works under such extreme conditions.
The eggs hibernate through the cold winter, and aestivate through the hot and dry spring and early summer.
Among these are sundry artworks, such as those that grace the grounds between the Australian National University's Humanities Research Centre and Centre for Cross-Cultural Research on the Acton peninsula (formerly an important gathering place on the banks of the Molonglo), dedicated to the tawny Bogong moth--the annual appearance of which to aestivate in rock crevices in the Brindabellas helped to render this area a lusciously nourishing terrain and an important locus of inter-tribal gatherings: indeed, it was perhaps from these festive gatherings that it takes its name, Ngambra, 'meeting place'.