aesthetic factors

aesthetic factors, See esthetic dentistry.
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The Reputation Institute s latest annual CountryRepTrak survey, for example, found people in G8 advanced economies now rank Australia second out of 50 countries on economic, social and aesthetic factors.
Unlike normal fashion shows situated on runways, the underwater show needs to take a lot of aesthetic factors into consideration, according to Dr Apprich.
It also clarified the economic, environmental and aesthetic factors to be considered by the SEC in making decisions about energy project siting.
of California at Santa Barbara) analyzes the cultural, political, and aesthetic factors that framed Enwonwu's pursuit of a modernist aesthetics and his role in the development of a specific discourse of modernity in 20th century Nigerian art.
Sanjay served as President and CEO of Aesthetic Factors, LLC, a company providing autologous, point-of-care therapies in Regenerative Medicine.
All tips are selected with not only environmental concerns in mind, but also with budgetary, health, and aesthetic factors taken into consideration.
Differences can indeed be found but ultimately, when the next British general election comes around -- widely thought to be in 2009 -- it is not policy but rather Cameron's youth that is likely to be one of the clearest aesthetic factors that distinguish the parties.
The aesthetic factors, as in Table 1, are essential in evaluating the marketing potential of a given stone.
Diachronically, he demarcates various phases in the development of musical politics in both regimes (four phases in each, as it turns out), and identifies the varying degrees of political, racial, and aesthetic factors as motivations for composer persecution in all of them.
Each of the first four lessons includes objectives, materials needed, an extensive vocabulary, and a variety of approaches to cultural information, questioning strategies, aesthetic factors, studio activities, and other teaching/learning strategies.
PRFM is prepared from a small amount of the patient's blood obtained in the physician's office using a patented FDA-cleared system, Selphyl, marketed by Aesthetic Factors, Inc.
Subsequently, I surrendered all concern for the predictable shape of letters, allowing aesthetic factors to influence changes in the design of letter forms.