aerotitis media

bar·o·ti·tis me·di·a

(bar'ō-tī'tis mē'dē-ă),
Inflammation of the mucous membrane of the middle ear caused by pressure difference within the middle ear relative to ambient pressure, secondary to obstruction of the auditory tube or its failure to open; often occurs on descent in altitude.
Synonym(s): aerotitis media
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air travel disease

Travel medicine Any condition related to the unique conditions of air travel Infections The potential for infection by an airborne pathogen from another inmate in the confined quarters of commercial flights is understudied. See Airline food, Air sickness.
Air travel & disease
Aerotitis media
Middle ear trauma
Pain, bleeding of sinuses; flying with sinusitis may cause a spread to the CNS
Deep vein thrombosis
'Economy class' syndrome
Heart attack
Related to anxiety, sprinting to connecting flight, ↓ cabin O2 ergo hypoxia, ↓cabin humidity
eg, TB and other communicable diseases
Low back pain and injuries
-possibly related to ↓ cabin O2leading to hypoxia
Panic, anxiety, depression
Due to objects tumbling from overhead–avoid the aisle seat
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aer·o·ti·tis me·di·a

(ār'ō-tī'tis mē'dē-ă)
An acute or chronic inflammation of the middle ear caused by a reduction in pressure in the tympanic cavity relative to ambient pressure, due to auditory tube obstruction; often occurs on descent from high altitude.
Synonym(s): barotitis media.
[aero- + G. ous, ear, + -itis, inflammation]
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From 1940 through the mid-1960s, nasopharyngeal (NP) radium was used to treat hearing loss, chronic otitis, and other conditions in children and was used to treat aerotitis media in submariners and aviators in the military.
Within the Army Air Forces, aerotitis media proved the leading flight-related ailment.
Jim Garrity is a 47-year-old computer programmer and ex-submariner who received nasopharyngeal-radium treatment for aerotitis media in 1966.