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The lower portion of the earth's atmosphere, containing sufficient oxygen to support life.
[aero- + sphere]
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The AeroSphere SA-60 is a low altitude airship that can be used for both defense and homeland security purposes including surveillance of battlefields, domestic borders and ports.
The spherical airship Aerosphere 76 is being designed to hover up to 16,000 feet and operate with a payload capacity for stationary, long endurance, unmanned operations.
Cyber expects clients to add existing sensor and surveillance payloads to the Aerosphere 76 allowing it to record multiple movements in a targeted area.
The AeroSphere SA-60 airship employs a spherical design, holds the world altitude record, and will be used for battlefield surveillance.
Pink Sheets:PDNW) subsidiary, announces they successfully presented the AeroSphere SA-60 airship and its technology to the military, government representatives, Federal contractors and media.
The AeroSphere SA-60 employs a spherical design and currently holds the world altitude record.
subsidiary (Pink Sheets:PDNW), will showcase the AeroSphere SA-60 airship to the military and media on Monday, March 29th, at 10:30 a.
Digital CEO Billy Robinson stated, "This demonstration of the AeroSphere SA 60 gives Cyber a chance to show the capabilities and multiple systems platforms that can be adapted to the airship.
has purchased from Techsphere Systems International, LLC the AeroSphere SA-60, a first generation airship and has also acquired the exclusive global government marketing rights to the existing and advanced airship designs being developed by 21st Century Airships, Inc.
We have found an overwhelming interest in using AeroSphere technologies for both communication and surveillance needs.
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