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To perform vigorous exercise as part of a program to improve physical fitness.
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There is a full-time staff of lantern-jawed men and aerobicized women there to give you a spot or a rubdown.
Morpheus and Trinity (an aerobicized lieutenant who could be Keanu Reeves's female twin) are convinced that Neo is the "one"--a Jesus-like savior who can navigate and disassemble The Matrix using pure will.
So for seven hours one June day, with a $1,000 professional development budget and the help of volunteer instructors, more than 100 staff members practiced yoga, played sports, walked briskly, breathed deeply, stretched, ate healthy foods, aerobicized and learned about relieving stress.
She sashayed her newly aerobicized hips over to this fine young sales associate and politely inquired where she could find the swimsuit section.
Given a softer look than in some of her bigscreen efforts (though mercifully sans "Next Best Thing's" extreme soft-focus), Madonna looks good here--albeit aerobicized to sinewy excess.