aerobic system

aer·o·bic sys·tem

(ār-ō'bik sis'tĕm)
The combination of oxygen-consuming physiologic (i.e., pulmonary, cardiovascular, muscular) and biochemical (i.e., aerobic glycolysis, citric acid cycle, electron transport chain) functions normally used in performing physical work.
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That's why endurance is generally referred to training the aerobic system, which is the physical exercise of low to moderate intensity that depends mainly on the aerobic energy generating process.
In the anaerobic studies, like sprint, while aerobic contribution decreases, anaerobic contribution increases (Tomlin and Wenger, 2001) While Yo-yo intermittent recovery test level 1 focuses on performing the intermittent exercises that leads to maximal activation of aerobic system, yo-yo intermittent recovery test level 2 states the ability of individual recovery with the help of anaerobic system in repetitive exercises (Bangsbo, Laila, Kurstrup, 2008).
Another researcher Richard Hughson stated that women's muscles extract oxygen from the blood faster, which, scientifically speaking, indicates a superior aerobic system.
Unfortunately, common NMES use for muscle strengthening does not allow for the training of the aerobic system. However, ( advances in the technology have allowed for new ways of delivering the impulses, mimicking exercise such as brisk walking or cycling.
This passive aerobic system converts wastewater into two valuable resources for agriculture: clean water which can be used for irrigation and worm castings, a nutritious and microbe rich fertilizer.
(29) Guidetti and coworkers (30) verified that a pique-tours bout (30 sec) is mainly energized by the anaerobic-alactic system, followed by the anaerobic-lactic and the aerobic system. A grand adage sequence, on the other hand, was mainly energized by aerobic pathways.
And fatty acids generate a particularly large portion of the energy in the aerobic system. The anaerobic system relies only on glucose.
DEAR READERS: In a recent column I answered a question relating to the Aero-Stream aerobic system, which can alleviate the replacement of failed septic systems by introducing air in the tank, which speeds up the digestion of its contents.
Therefore, the aerobic system enables the anaerobic system's rapid recovery and, due to the greater pause time in a match (about 8 s in relation to 3-4 s of effort), the aerobic system dominates.
DURING a gallop the aerobic system of a racehorse is placed under immense strain, with more than 75 gallons of blood flowing through the lungs to deliver the 19 gallons of oxygen consumed each minute.
By continuously going up and down a flight of stairs you will raise your heart rate and start working your aerobic system which will increase your fitness.
In California, the legislation would prohibit a company from labeling a product flushable, sewer and septic safe unless it's been tested and certified by a third party to meet the acceptance criteria for toilet, drainline, sewage pump, septic tank, aerobic system and municipal wastewater collection and treatment systems as published by INDA.