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Metabolic studies on isolated hair follicles: hair follicles engage in aerobic glycolysis and do not demonstrate the glucose fatty acid cycle.
Increased levels of HIF-1 resulting in upregulation of its target proteins equip clear-cell RCC cells with a specific set of enzymatic machinery that favours aerobic glycolysis over oxidative phosphorylation.
1] is an indicator that the demand for ATP cannot be met solely by the aerobic glycolysis, and that the proportion of energy derived from anaerobic pathways has increased.
Cells generate adenosine-5'-triphosphate (ATP) by aerobic glycolysis and oxidative phosphorylation.
Cancer cells using aerobic glycolysis produce many biosynthetic precursors such as ribulose-5-p which are the building blocks for the production of proteins, lipids, and DNA required by the rapidly dividing cancer cells.
Most renal cell carcinomas produce energy through a biochemical process called aerobic glycolysis, one that healthy cells don't typically require.
High aerobic glycolysis of rat hepatoma cells in culture: role of mitochondrial hexokinase.