aerial mycelium

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aer·i·al my·ce·li·um

the portion of mycelium that grows upward or outward from the surface of the substrate, and from which propagative spores develop in or on characteristic structures that are distinctive for various generic groups.
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Phenotypic characterization of the isolate SKCMM1 on Starch Casein Agar Phenotypic characteristics SKCMM1 Colony morphology Circular, umbonate, entire Sporophore morphology Straight or Rectiflexibiles Spore surface Smooth Colour of aerial mycelium Pale green Colour of substrate mycelium Brown Spore mass Pale green Pigment Brown colour Table 4.
After 7 days, characteristic house mouse gray silky colonies with aerial mycelium grew on both these medias.
Dense or loose rosette spreading aerial mycelium with no pattern (A), slender coenocytic hyphae (B), with rounded or angular hyphal swellings, often in chains (catenulate) and delimited by septa (C).
The qualitative composition of actinomycetes (by type and color of colonies of aerial mycelium) is quite diverse.
Streptomyces forms a genus of actinomyces, this organism has extensively branching secondary or aerial mycelium, and primary or substrate mycelium.
In order study the morphological characteristics with reference to aerial mycelium, substrate mycelium and sporulation, the isolated colonies were cultivated on glycerol asparagines agar by simple "Inclined cover slip culture technique" (Gibbs & shapton, 1968) as detailed below.
On PDA the colonies produced cottony aerial mycelium that was grayish-white at first, later becoming cream-colored to light brown.
Ascomata were non-ostiolate, superficial, white to light cream colored, globose or subglobose, measuring 120 [micro]m-600 [micro]m in diameter, and covered with a white aerial mycelium. The peridium was thin and membranous.
After incubation at 30 [degrees] C for 7 days, the colonies demonstrated gray aerial mycelium. Microscopically, the hyphae were hyaline and septate.
No barrage or flat reactions were noted, although some mating exhibited lethal reactions on AERIAL mycelium, not agar-surface.
The color of the aerial mycelium was pinkish grey and the strain AVS7 produced diffusible reddish brown pigment.

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