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Ethics noun A person who acts on the behalf of or speaks for another—e.g., for a cause or plea, often in the context of a legal proceeding.
verb To act or speak for another person or group of persons.
Law A person who speaks on behalf of others, protecting their rights.
MedspeakUK A person who can support a service user or carer through contact with health services. Advocates will attend meetings with patients and help service users or carers to express concerns or wishes to health care professionals. Although many people can act as an advocate (friend, relative, member of staff), advocacy services can be accessed through an NHS Trust.


Ethics noun (pron. ad´ ve ket) A person who acts on the behalf of or speaks for another–eg, for a cause or plea. See Amicus curiæ verb (pron. ad ve ka´t) To act or speak for another person or group of person


nursing A person who speaks on behalf of another.
[L. advocatus, counsel, supporter, fr. advoco, to consult]


n 1. in the medical field, a person who focuses on bolstering the patient's role and rights in making decisions about his or her health care.
2. one who assists another in legal matters; can be a professional or a layperson; may or may not work for a fee.
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Advocative musicologists, however, differ from their confreres in that their motivation tends to be more personal than political or cultural.
I have witnessed some professors, teachers, and administrators shift from a tentative or even combative stance to a more responsive, explorative, or even advocative stance in their attempts to consider and effectively implement field-based education (Heald-Taylor, 1989).
Its fundamental t ask must remain reportorial and reflective, not organizational or advocative.