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A person who is formally affiliated with an academic institution, counsels one or more students and—ideally—acts as the student’s advocate.


Graduate education A person formally affilitated with an academic institution who counsels one or more students and–ideally–acts as the student's advocate

Patient discussion about adviser

Q. My doctor advised me not to strain much. My doctor advised me not to strain much. What if I am physically unable to exercise due to a medical condition?

A. Your doctor is more concerned about your health. So accept his advice and improve in your health. There is virtually no medical condition that will keep you from doing any type of exercise. Even people with heart failure -- who were long told not to exercise at all -- can benefit from moderate amounts of activity. And people with limited mobility can often do water exercises, or do yoga or other exercises while seated in a chair (some "chair exercise" videos are now on the market). Of course, if you have any medical condition, check with your doctor before starting any exercise program.

Q. I am expecting pregnancy,My husband advises me to avoid eating papaya. Is there any way out. I am expecting pregnancy, I am happy and joyous. My husband deals a lot with healthy food to be consumed by me and even caring a lot from now and is happier than me. He advises me to avoid eating papaya, but I like them a lot, is there any way out.

A. Congratulations! It is bliss to be pregnant. Eating papaya is harmful if you eat it raw at the initial quarter of your pregnancy. Once consumed in full ripe state it does not pose any problem. More over its applicable to some people based on their constitution. Actually it is good for digestion and it’s known for its heat content. This heat content does pose problem and concludes for the reason to avoid its consumption in initial pregnancy days.

Q. Good evening,ihave aproblem of gustric ulcers which disturb me much could you p`se advise me about agood drug DR i feel pain and some times i spit mucuslike flids and after that the pain reduces most especially when i am hungry.Thank you for advice on the drugs which can help me and i will be gratfull byebye!.

A. First of all, we are not doctors here. We are people like you, and no one here can either recommend or prescribe you any medication.

Regarding gastric ulcers, in many times it results from an infection by H. pylori, and treating this infection (by a combination of several drugs) may solve the problem. You should consult your doctor about it.

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