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3) People who are adventitiously blind develop their blindness later in life, possibly as a result of forces such as an accident, trauma, disease, or medication.
As a further expression of the Romantic epitaphic mode, here infused with the elegiac, Wordsworth's text stands forth, not as adventitiously preachy but as programmatically congregational: offering a sociology of community in its founding dependence on the systematic naturalization of death and immortality.
Hence, the kingdom of God comes and will come adventitiously, as an advent breaking into time from outside.
persicaria, genotypes from Carex flacca populations that do not experience soil flooding were able to root adventitiously when subjected to flood treatments just as well as those from flooded sites, and did not differ in total biomass at any moisture treatment from such genotypes (Heathcote et al.
On the other hand, the adventitiously (non-congenitally visually impaired) blinded assembly worker with no usable sight may require much more than an adaptive device.
Albeit there are cases of genuine serial killings in which, just to make clear-cut taxonomy that bit more complicated, incidental extraneous benefits may adventitiously ensue.
It was his inspiring pen that made Walpole tremble in the recesses of the Treasury, and in a series of writings, unequalled in our literature for their spirited patriotism, their just and profound views, and the golden eloquence in which they are expressed, eradicated from Toryism all those absurd and odious doctrines which Toryism had adventitiously adopted, dearly developed its essential and permanent character .
The book covers not only instrumentation for the determination of metals, non metals, functional groups, polymer structural analysis and end-groups in the main types of polymers now in use commercially, but also the analysis of minor non-polymeric components of the polymer formulation, whether they be deliberately added, such as processing additives, or whether they occur adventitiously, such as residual volatiles and monomers and water.
Furthermore, although adventitiously reinforced response sequences could be emitted in standard MTS tests (i.
The children from Haiti, aged from 9 to 18, were all adventitiously blind, with an average onset of blindness at the age of 8.
frequently acquired adventitiously, as a byproduct of, for example,