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detachment of a portion of tissue, especially muscle or tendon, and reattachment at a point further forward than the original attachment, as is done with an eye muscle for correction of strabismus.
capsular advancement attachment of Tenon's capsule in front of its normal position.
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Surgical procedure in which an attachment (usually the point of origin) is partially severed or released so that tissue may be moved to a more distal point.
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A surgical procedure in which a tendinous insertion or a skin flap is severed from its attachment and sutured to a further point on the body.
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Surgical procedure in which a ligamentous or partially tendinous insertion or a skin flap is partially severed or released from its attachment and sutured to a more distal point.
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Surgical detachment of one end of a muscle or tendon, and its reattachment at a position in front of its normal site, so as to alter or strengthen its action. When the muscle end is moved backwards, this is called recession.
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Q. How do they make Flu shots in advance for next season? They says every year Flu viruses are different so we need different updated Flu shots too, But that always makes me wonder how do they make Flu shots in well advance before actual Flu season starts and it's able to prevent people from getting Flu? Anyone know?

A. Good question ? , every year or so the influenza virus take a “drift”. That means he is changed a bit. So they go to the other side of the planet (where it’s winter when we have summer) and take 30 most common influenza viruses and make vaccines.

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A. Alternative medicine is exactly what it is- alternative. Unlike conventional medicine, it is not based on research and evidence, but on trial and error. You can consult specialists and consume products you feel can be helpful, but you have to make sure they have no known side effects or reaction with other medication you are taking as this is very dangerous.

Q. what tests do i need to do in order to discover cancer on advance to increase the recovery chance?

A. it's complicated. if there are no signs for it- there is a slim chance you'll get any diagnose. there are do many types of cells in the body.

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