advanced gastric cancer

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advanced gastric cancer

Invasive adenocarcinoma of the stomach which extends beyond the submucosa.

Clinical findings
Peptic ulcer symptoms, anaemia, weight loss, haematemesis and symptoms of gastric outlet obstruction.

Palliative surgical resection, surgical bypass (gastrojejunostomy), radiation therapy and endoscopic techniques; radical gastrectomy carries a rate of perioperative morbidity and no survival benefit.
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To the best of our knowledge, few studies of ERAS focus on patients with locally advanced gastric cancer who are administered neoadjuvant chemotherapy.
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In conclusion, some progress has been reached in the treatment of advanced gastric cancer in the last years.
The prognostic significance of HER2 positivity for advanced gastric cancer patients undergoing first-line modified FOLFOX-6 regimen.
Laura added: "Immunotherapy is available here on the NHS but has only been approved for certain cancers and has not been approved for stomach cancer, despite evidence showing it has the potential to increase life expectancy dramatically in advanced gastric cancer compared to chemotherapy.
However, even after potentially curative resection with satisfactory safety margins, the prognosis of patients with locally advanced gastric cancer is still worrying.
The Japanese Gastric Cancer Association (7) recommended simultaneous splenectomy during total gastrectomy to facilitate removal of splenic hilar lymph nodes in advanced gastric cancer involving the upper third of the stomach.
These two trials emphasize the efficacy of preoperative chemotherapy in advanced gastric cancer, suggesting a new direction in the treatment of AGC.
Combinations of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy are common treatment options for advanced gastric cancer, but the prognosis is always poor [4, 5].

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