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abbreviation Latin, adversum; a medical instruction meaning “against”.

Usage of plain-English instruction is preferred from all perspectives, including informed consent and liability reduction.


Abbreviation for:
adefovir dipivoxil
adenovirus vector
advocate (Medspeak-UK)
Aleutian disease virus
average daily volume
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The amendments will require advisors to categorize their regulatory assets under management (RAUM) attributable to SMAs as a percentage of one of 12 asset categories found in Section 5.K.1 of the revised Form ADV Part 1 (e.g.
This is, to our knowledge, the first report of a patient with ADV accompanied by a partial liver defect.
To study the impact of Adv infection on cellular small RNA expression in pneumonia children, deep sequencing of small RNAs was performed in our study.
That's when former SEC Chairwoman Mary Jo White announced that the agency adopted final amendments requiring advisors to disclose more information on Forms ADV about their use of separately managed accounts, branch office operations and social media.
There was a high serological evidence of Adv 36 infection in obese individuals.
Urbanears is introducing the Plattan ADV to the Philippines.
10 November 2014 -- Atlanta US-based exchange and clearing house network Intercontinental Exchange Inc (NYSE: ICE) said that its October futures and options average daily volume was flat and cash equities ADV increased 32% over the prior October.
ADV Manufacturing, which sealed the PS6million deal from the car giant earlier this year, has thrown its support behind Coventry's new three-day motoring festival - which will include a huge cavalcade around the city's ring road.
The Dubai Mercantile Exchange (DME) on Monday announced record average daily trading volumes (ADV) of 8,162 lots in January 2014, equivalent to almost 8.162 million barrels of crude oil per day.