adult stem cell

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multipotent adult progenitor cell

stem cells isolated from marrow of postnatal people.
Synonym(s): adult stem cell

Adult Stem Cell

An undifferentiated cell, first identified in bone marrow, but found everywhere in the body after embryonic development, which divides to replenish dead, dying or damaged cells.
Adult stem cell features
(1) Self-renewal, while maintaining stem cell features.
(2) Multipotency (ability to differentiate into any cell in a particular tissue).

adult stem cell

A precursor cell that can also give rise to identical precursor cells: daughters of a stem cell can develop into a terminally-differentiated cell type or they can remain a stem cell. Adult stem cells are found in many tissues, such as bone marrow, brain, retina, skin, intestines, liver, testis, and pancreas.
Synonym: somatic stem cell See: embryonic stem cell
See also: cell
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Italian doctors reported that they could successfully treat corneal blindness using the patient's own adult stem cells.
Burns further noted, "Our strategy is to focus on therapeutic applications for adult stem cells to regenerate or restore function to damaged and diseased tissues.
The lab extracts the stem cells from the blood and activates them into millions of adult stem cells while 'educating' them to assist the exact organ that needs treatment.
Since the treatments, Franz said that she has been called to spread the truth about stem cellsthat adult stem cells are saving thousands of lives right now and that human embryos do not have to die in order to advance medical science.
All of us should understand the difference between embryonic and adult stem cells.
Verfaillie cautions that much research remains before multipotent adult stem cells can be tested in people.
Regenocyte is considered a pioneer in adult stem cell therapy, successfully treating patients with heart, vascular, pulmonary and other serious diseases.
STEMTech HealthSciences is a leading company in the field of Stem Cell Nutrition and its chief executive officer is speaking out to create awareness of Adult Stem Cell science's need for continued support and resources.
org/) Executive Director David Stevens, MD observed, "Scientific breakthroughs in adult stem cell research have proven that we can save lives without sacrificing lives.
is an emerging company developing adult stem cell therapeutic products, derived from autologous (self) bone marrow cells, for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases.
reported results from studies confirming the existence and capability of human adult stem cells to form structural and connective tissues.
Company's Spine Subsidiary, Blackstone Medical, to Host Live Surgery Using Adult Stem Cells

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