adult stem cell

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multipotent adult progenitor cell

stem cells isolated from marrow of postnatal people.
Synonym(s): adult stem cell
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Adult Stem Cell

An undifferentiated cell, first identified in bone marrow, but found everywhere in the body after embryonic development, which divides to replenish dead, dying or damaged cells.
Adult stem cell features
(1) Self-renewal, while maintaining stem cell features.
(2) Multipotency (ability to differentiate into any cell in a particular tissue).
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adult stem cell

A precursor cell that can also give rise to identical precursor cells: daughters of a stem cell can develop into a terminally-differentiated cell type or they can remain a stem cell. Adult stem cells are found in many tissues, such as bone marrow, brain, retina, skin, intestines, liver, testis, and pancreas.
Synonym: somatic stem cell See: embryonic stem cell
See also: cell
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The work represents a path forward by demonstrating the ability to reliably expand adult stem cells from umbilical cord blood in the laboratory without terminally differentiating the cells into more mature and relatively short-lived blood cells.
The studies discussed in this article demonstrate that many commonly-used nutraceuticals may in fact produce their age-decelerating, organ-protecting, and life-extending effects at least in part by protecting adult stem cells.
The researchers use some indicators in the cell lines to investigate whether expanded adult stem cells have a long enough life span for future division in vivo or not.
The road to recovery began on the Internet, where he discovered that scientists were utilizing adult stem cells to treat heart failure, and that this promising approach was under way close to his Florida home.
(New York, NY), which is pioneering the pre-disease collection, processing and long-term storage of adult stem cells for future medical need, has filed a patent application claiming the proprietary stem cell technology of Vincent C.
Heart damage: Several clinical trials targeting heart disease have shown that adult stem cell therapy is safe.
It's not clear reading articles reporting on stem cell research that there are two types of this research, one which we regard as unethical because it is upon human embryos and leads to their deaths, and the other adult stem cell research which is entirely ethical and cells derived from - for instance - a newly born baby's umbilical cord and the placenta.
The resulting restrictive statutory provisions that ban SCNT ultimately arose from a convergence of rhetoric on dignity and the moral status of the embryo, and the resultant promotion of adult stem cell research.
ReNeuron is a leading, UK-based adult stem cell therapy business.
An adult stem cell is an undifferentiated cell that is found in specialized tissue and has the capacity to produce the specialized cell types from the tissue of origin.
One day it may be possible to take any adult stem cell back to the embryonic, and hence protean, stage.

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