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The amount of Zn and Cu adsorbed onto the solid phase was calculated as the difference between the concentration added and the concentration in solution at equilibrium:
The adsorption energy ([]) of the molecules adsorbed on Ni-doped SWCNTs is obtained from
It should be noticed that phosphorene adsorbed with Li/Be adatoms is more stable and appropriate to be used in practical application.
These surface OH groups are polarised because of the high electronegativity of oxygen atom and can adsorb water molecules by forming hydrogen bonds.
"The key point is that this new plastic polymer is stable, cheap and it adsorbs C[O.sub.2] extremely well.
After desorption, the silica aerogel was applied to adsorb organic compounds again and their adsorption capacities were listed in Table 1.
The self-consistent field (SCF) calculation showed the large effect of pH and the small effect of the salt concentration to the adsorbed amount while the proton coadsorption was dependent on both pH and salt concentration.
Since Rh-B adsorb to plastics, solutions were kept in glass bottles [8].
Even where there is a high oil vapour concentration within a workplace environment, the QDT's specific combination of volume and type of activated carbon adsorbs not just oil mist and aerosols, but oil vapour too, resulting in a guaranteed maximum downstream oil vapour content of just 0.003 mg/m3.
The concentration of paraquat adsorbed to the soil was calculated as: