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When he finished his lecture, an old lady went up to him and said: "What made me come to talk to you is what you said in your lecture that you like old ladies." Carnegie smiled and took her hand and kissed it and said: Yes, I like old ladies, but I also like ladies of your age!" What a fascinating adroitness. I do not think that lady might have enjoyed sleep in her long life as she must have that night.
Linguists will be fascinated with questions raised during the trial about issues of language competence and adroitness in the multilingual setting of India.
It offers a rich menu of thought and is written with dexterity and adroitness. Robert Schwarz Florida Atlantic University
"Most of the Irish MEPs have seized with tactical adroitness on the recent terrorist attacks for further attempts to close down the mixed oxide reprocessing plant at Sellafield and Sellafield itself - full page adverts in the British press, no less."
Likewise, its November media blitz demonstrated the same adroitness. According to the Times, ACT
Stinson, chairman of the chemistry department at Talladega College, directs the conversation with the adroitness of a talk show host, encouraging both debate and deliberation.
A longtime regional champion of corporate values, Gorton is also famed for his adroitness at playing the Northwest's biggest race card, anti-Indian bigotry.
Bevan narrates a story with the adroitness of Alan Bennett, and many of his most regularly-told ones centre on Windsor visits by the Queen Mother, to whom he is related, tenuously, by marriage.
Also, Bourne matches his new story line with the old, and--what is more important--with the Tchaikovsky score, showing an adroitness merging on magic.
The crisis of a esthetics obliged writers as well as artists to indulge in a type of theoretical adroitness, a necessity which has dictated the plurality of interpretations discernible in these seminal texts.
Nigerians have developed more confidence in the adroitness of spiritualists than the competence of professionals.
While the China-Pakistan Economic Cooperation (CPEC) is an example of China's economic adroitness and foresight, it also remains a debated topic for among many global economies.