adrenocortical adenoma

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a·dre·no·cor·ti·cal ad·e·no·ma

a benign tumor of adrenal cortical cells; small unencapuslated nodules of adrenal cortex are probably localized areas of hyperplasia rather than adenomas; true adenomas are rare and may be symptomless or associated with Cushing syndrome or primary aldosteronism.
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adrenocortical adenoma

A usually solitary, well-circumscribed neoplasm with a pseudocapsule, often an orange-/yellow- or brown-cut surface. The adjacent cortex varies from atrophic to normal to hypertrophic. Adrenocortical adenoma may be asymptomatic or cause symptoms related to hormonal hyperfunction.

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In conclusion, even if the radiographic and/or biochemical evaluation of an adrenal mass suggested adrenocortical adenoma, clinicians still need to be aware of the probability of pheochromocytoma to avoid intraoperative hypertensive crisis.
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Surgery is the single most important procedure in successful treatment of adrenocortical adenomas. Prognosis is excellent for patients with adenoma histology.
Foci of macroscopic fat have rarely been reported in adrenocortical adenomas, which were preoperatively interpreted as myelolipomas on the basis of radiologic findings.
(3,5) These associated adrenal pathologic conditions include adrenocortical hyperplasia, (3) adrenocortical adenomas, (3,5) adrenocortical carcinomas, (5) and endocrinologic dysfunctions, including Addison disease, (4) Conn syndrome, (5) 21-hydroxylase deficiency, (3) 17-hydroxylase deficiency, (6) and ectopic corticotropin production.
In continuity with our previous observations [10], the aim of our study was to analyze methylation of GpG sites in the VDR gene promoter of a different and larger series of human adrenocortical tissues, comparing adrenocortical adenomas (ACAs) with ACCs samples.
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