adrenal steroids

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A steroid produced by the cortex of the suprarenal gland.
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Reference intervals for plasma concentrations of adrenal steroids measured by LC-MS/ MS: impact of gender, age, oral contraceptives, body mass index and blood pressure status.
Adrenal Steroid Case 1 Case 2 Case 3 Case 4 Case 5 Case 6 Pregnanediol H H H H L 0 Androsterone H H H H L 0 Etiocholalone H H H N N 0 DHEA H H N L N 0 Pregnanetriol H H N L N 0 11-Ketoandrosterone H H N L N 0 11-ketoetiocholalone H N L L L 0 11-OH-androsterone H L L N L 0 * Case 1:54-yr-old woman hypertension, diverticulitis, palpitations, and severe Katribarelated stress.
A sensitivity analysis indicated the parameter uncertainties and identified transport and metabolic processes that most influenced the concentrations of primary adrenal steroids, aldosterone and Cortisol.
"I have dedicated my career to studying the effects of adrenal steroids and their metabolites on the immune system and host resistance.
Normal levels of circulating adrenal steroids appear to be necessary for accurate performance on spatial tasks, which is not surprising given the role of the hippocampus in spatial learning and memory.
Inclusion also required demonstration of bilateral selectivity of AVS, confirmed according to ratios of metanephrine or adrenal steroids in adrenal to peripheral venous plasma (13, 23).
Increased ACTH concentration, as its name implies, stimulates hyperplasia of the adrenal gland along with increased production of adrenal steroids proximal to the enzyme block.
Sixty years after Kendall, Hench, and Reichstein were awarded the Nobel Prize for their groundbreaking research of adrenal steroids, cortisone and other structurally related synthetic analogs remain among the most widely prescribed medications, and steroid endocrinology remains an active area of research.
To exclude a deficiency of one of the enzymes in the pathway of steroid biosynthesis as a cause, the samples were tested for adrenal steroids (27).Concentrations of adrenal steroids in these samples were within their TS-specific reference intervals.
Testing for adrenal steroids is also useful for differential diagnosis of polycystic ovary syndrome and nonclassic forms of CAH, which may sometimes be indistinguishable by clinical presentation and sonography (6).
Some states have been reluctant to screen for CAH because the most commonly used assays have poor positive predictive values, especially in preterm and acutely ill neonates, in whom the adrenal steroids are physiologically increased.
He joined the neuroendocrine research group in the Institute of Physiology in Pecs, where he became involved in research projects investigating the interactions of neuronal peptides, adrenal steroids, and the central nervous system's adaptation processes.