accessory suprarenal

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ac·ces·so·ry su·pra·re·nal

(ak-ses'ŏr-ē sū'pră-rē'năl)
An island of cortical tissue separate from the suprarenal gland, usually found in the retroperitoneal tissues, kidney, or genital organs.
Synonym(s): adrenal rest.
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In adult males, the condition is mainly asymptomatic, but some men may present with adrenal rest tumour and/or fertility problems.
The nodule in the spermatic cord contained morphological features consistent with an adrenal rest (Fig.
1] Adrenal rests situated far from the original gland are composed entirely of cortical adrenal tissue with no evidence of medullary cells, but the more proximal cells may contain medulla.
The child should also be monitored for Cushingoid features due to excessive steroid intake and for the development of adrenal rest tumors in the testis, a well-known complication in male children and adults with classic CAH [6].
Prevalence of testicular adrenal rest tumours in male children with congenital adrenal hyperplasia due to 21-hydroxylase deficiency.
In patients with CAH, ectopic adrenal rest tissue is frequently identified within the testicles.
Testicular adrenal rest tissue in congential adrenal hyperplasia: Comparison of MR imaging and sonographic findings.
The diagnosis of testicular adrenal rest tumor had been confirmed by clinical, morphological, immunohistochemical, laboratory, and endocrinological evaluations, and the patient was referred to endocrinology clinic for future treatment.
Key words: Adrenal hyperplasia; 11-beta-hydroxylase deficiency; testicular adrenal rest tumor.
If compliance is poor, excess androgen production, accelerated growth, secondary central precocious puberty and, in boys, adrenal rest tumours can occur, as in the following case.
The existence of Leydig cells in the adrenal glands and the existence of adrenal rests in the testicles provide additional evidence for the common origin of the two.