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Aggressive Diagnosis of Restenosis. A study evaluating the benefits, if any, of post-percutaneous coronary intervention functional testing
Primary endpoint Exercise tolerance
Conclusion Routine functional testing post-PCI results in similar rates of future cardiac procedures, little difference in functional status or QOL and no evidence of decreased clinical events
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THE Irish lads are back doing what they do best - singing soppy ballads and melting thehearts of their adoring fans.
Jerome Adoring the Crucifix, considering the local cult of the saint, contemporary texts, and other illustrations of the same subject.
When unique talent merges with the desire to display that singular quality before an adoring and paying public, the resulting mix can be both a blessing and a curse for a performing artist.
BROOKLINE - Sara Lynne (Millin) Shack, passed away July 20, surrounded by her adoring family, after a long and valiant battle with cancer.
Maybe that's why there was more adoring going on, because the men secretly realised just what a good number they were on.
THESE are the heartbreaking letters from an adoring little girl to her soldier dad who died in Kuwait.
Her behavior implies audiences, including adoring parents who watch their progeny set her bar ever higher.