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n a prayer of worship and praise.
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Have you any idea yet, of Estella's views on the adoration question?
Certainly few people had ever interested him so much as Dorian Gray, and yet the lad's mad adoration of some one else caused him not the slightest pang of annoyance or jealousy.
No," said he, firmly persuaded of the truth of his idea (and he said it loud enough to be heard), "the greatest beauty upon earth shall not avail to make me renounce my adoration of her whom I bear stamped and graved in the core of my heart and the secret depths of my bowels; be thou, lady mine, transformed into a clumsy country wench, or into a nymph of golden Tagus weaving a web of silk and gold, let Merlin or Montesinos hold thee captive where they will; whereer thou art, thou art mine, and where'er I am, must he thine.
Some mothers would die of the sight; others give themselves up to it in saintly adoration.
Evidently devoid of all the finer sentiments of friendship, love, or affection, these people fairly worship physical prowess and bravery, and nothing is too good for the object of their adoration as long as he maintains his position by repeated examples of his skill, strength, and courage.
But you see that the angel whom you hoped for has left this earth -- she has nothing more to do with the adoration of men.
Countess,' he cried, 'do you know how terrible is this adoration of mine, how infinite this madness?
The rapture of Lydia on this occasion, her adoration of Mrs.
Athos is right -- you have my adoration," said Aramis, in his turn pressing his hand.
Whatever might be the adoration of Edward Stanley, it was more than equalled by the admiration of this amiable girl.
He was but three-and-twenty, and had only just learned what it is to love--to love with that adoration which a young man gives to a woman whom he feels to be greater and better than himself.
From the respect paid her on all sides, she seemed like a queen; and from the adoration with which she was treated by two or three, she appeared an object of worship.