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Aggressive Diagnosis of Restenosis. A study evaluating the benefits, if any, of post-percutaneous coronary intervention functional testing
Primary endpoint Exercise tolerance
Conclusion Routine functional testing post-PCI results in similar rates of future cardiac procedures, little difference in functional status or QOL and no evidence of decreased clinical events
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The Wild Bunch offers girls of all ages an adorably kooky, easy to wear mix of vintage-look denim with over-sized knits and jersey tops, all in a warm colour palette of toffee and soft pink shades.
And with every town, village, bridge, hedge (you name it) being adorably quaint, being on a bike is one of the most pleasant ways to get around.
ITALY: Italian design house Moroso's new line, Massas stands for Moroso Asymmetric Sofa System Adorably Stitched.
Will the adorably mild-mannered John Whitehurst, a minuscule British prodigy with a forgetful streak, remember his steps when he gets in front of the judges?
It's the most adorably silly little creature that just captures your heart.
The Artist spins the tale of the fictional George Valentin (Jean Dujardin, who also starred in Hazanavicius' James Bond spoofs OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of Spies and OSS 117: Lost in Rio) a silentera superstar who has wealth, fame, fawning fans and an adorably clever dog who shares the screen with him.
Henry and Rufus had the basis of their story plotted, all that was missing was Oscar; the adorably terrified waterphobic crocodile.
And if you didn't already know the orang-utan was teetering adorably and tragically on the brink of extinction, you probably thought Every Which Way But Loose was a documentary.
After intermission, the balloon lands in the Land of Sweets where they are met by sweet little angels, adorably danced by young students.
On his website, Zach adorably says he is "willing to put my feet where my mouth is.
He adorably reported to me that heAAEs such a fan of squeezing it in that heAAEs come up with his own moves, including one he does while kneeling at church.
Phoenix charts the man's mood swings from semi-paralyzed to adorably ardent so expertly that you understand how Leonard could keep any woman entertained, and probably alarmed, for a lifetime.