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Aggressive Diagnosis of Restenosis. A study evaluating the benefits, if any, of post-percutaneous coronary intervention functional testing
Primary endpoint Exercise tolerance
Conclusion Routine functional testing post-PCI results in similar rates of future cardiac procedures, little difference in functional status or QOL and no evidence of decreased clinical events
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In the third part, the adorable sisters threw it all as they reached the chorus part and until the song ended.
Bobby the Seal joins the adorable Penguin Pals and Snowmen skate aids, and can be hired per hour.
Adorable urged barangay officials to take pro-active measuresand enact ordinance to maintain the cleanliness of its shoreline as she called upon the beach-goers to support the governments campaign on proper waste disposal.
Walk Buddy is a pedometer that features a cute adorable bear that also walks when you start to walk.
Adorable was honoured with MVP of the Conference and Finals MVP of the Conference for his exemplary performance during the game and throughout the season.
We love the new modern Adorable line with irresistible graphic lace and the pear green is a show stopper.
NATASHA Hamilton has shown off some adorable pictures of her baby daughter Ella.
DENR-9 Executive Director Arleigh Adorable said the activity aims to achieve the 2014 target of the National Greening Program (NGP) for Mindanao and to beat India's record as having planted 1,945,535 trees in one hour in 408 locations with 340,200 participants.
She went on: "It's adorable, the bear's adorable, but I'm not adorable.