Scheuermann disease

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Scheu·er·mann dis·ease

(shoy'ĕr-mahn), [MIM*181440]
epiphysial osteonecrosis of adjacent vertebral bodies in the thoracic spine.
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Scheu·er·mann dis·ease

(shoy'ĕr-mahn di-zēz')
Epiphysial osteonecrosis of adjacent vertebral bodies in the thoracic spine.
Synonym(s): juvenile kyphosis.
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Scheuermann disease

[Holger W. Scheuermann, Danish physician, 1877–1960]
Kyphosis of the spine, first identified in childhood (unlike adult-onset kyphosis, which usually results from osteoporotic compression fracture); sometimes referred to as “round-back”. The incidence is about 0.4%, with no gender preference.


About 50% of patients complain of back pain in the affected area; others complain of poor posture or fatigue. There are usually no neurological symptoms unless cord compression occurs.


The diagnosis is usually made from clinical presentation and the results of a standing x-ray examination of the spine.


Symptomatic treatment may include nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, rest, and activity modification. Plaster casts and braces (including the Milwaukee brace) are used to correct the deformity and are usually successful if the child has not stopped growing. Operative treatment is reserved for those with a significant deformity and those who have stopped growing.

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Holger W., Danish surgeon, 1877-1960.
Scheuermann disease - epiphysial aseptic necrosis of vertebral bodies. Synonym(s): adolescent round back; juvenile kyphosis; osteochondritis deformans juvenilis dorsi; Scheuermann syndrome
Scheuermann juvenile kyphosis
Scheuermann syndrome - Synonym(s): Scheuermann disease
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