adolescent pregnancy

Pregnancy by a female, age 13 to 19, which is understood to occur in a girl who hasn’t completed her core education—secondary school—has few or no marketable skills, is financially dependent upon her parents and/or continues to live at home and is mentally immature
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adolescent pregnancy

See Teenage pregnancy.
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Q. what is selicemia pregnancy

A. Well, never heard about such condition (and neither has goodle... :-) ), do you have any more details to help recognising what it means?

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Dr Mahbub Alam suggested for ensuring health education for adolescents, teenage girls and women and preventing adolescent pregnancy. He said stopping child marriage will reduce maternal and neonatal deaths which will help us attain sustainable development goals.
"Reducing adolescent pregnancy in India can hasten our progress towards achieving the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, particularly those related to poverty, health, nutrition, general wellbeing, equity, and education," said IFPRI Research Fellow and study co-author, Phuong Hong Nguyen.
Adolescent pregnancy is a complex public health problem worldwide.
In 2013, the United Nations Population Fund estimated that Guyana had the second-highest rate of adolescent pregnancy in South America and the Caribbean, with 97 of every 1,000 girls between the ages of 15 and 19 giving birth.
Hontiveros thus sponsored Senate Bill 1888, to be known as the Prevention of Adolescent Pregnancy Act, which also seeks to ensure that young mothers would get the necessary healthcare they need throughout their pregnancy.
Adolescent pregnancy remains a significant concern, particularly in developing countries.
Adolescent pregnancy is a major health problem in the 21st century (1) and it is considered as the first killer in girls aged 15-19 years old (2).
KEYWORDS: Adolescent pregnancy, Perceived social support, Social support, Teenage pregnancy.
Adolescent pregnancy is defined as a pregnancy in girls 10-19 years of age.
(8) In this context, the objectives of sustainable development, propose that for the year 2030, universal access to sexual and reproductive health services is required, including family planning, information and education, as well as the need to strengthen Knowledge of sexual and reproductive health to combat adolescent pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.
It is imperative to consider these contextual or background variables in addition to the economic factors in identifying the interventions that may be necessary to address adolescent pregnancy issues as well as the challenges that may arise in program implementations.

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