adolescent growth spurt

ad·o·les·cent growth spurt

(ad'ŏ-les'ĕnt grōth spŭrt)
Growth characterized by rapid gains in height and weight, as much as 3 inches in a single year; occurs 2 years earlier in girls.

adolescent growth spurt,

n a period of rapid increase in height, weight, and muscle mass, which for boys takes place at age 12 to 16 and for girls at age 11 to 14. See also adolescence.
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But when I was 13, I had an adolescent growth spurt and it turned out that polio's lasting impact on me would be a sclerosis - a curvature of the spine.
16) The adolescent growth spurt typically occurs between 11 and 14 years of age for the general population and takes on average approximately 3 years from beginning to completion.
4) during adolescent growth spurt, there is moderate increase in the height velocity in the prepubescent phase (Phase l).
4] Adolescent growth spurt results in 50% increase in calcium requirement and 15% increase in iron requirement.
To reach such a height, the boy would have to have been destined for an adolescent growth spurt on par with modern humans'.
Regeneration declined after infancy, rose during the adolescent growth spurt, and continued up until around age 20.
The security market for holograms is being strengthened with new origination and combination methods; the packaging market is going through its adolescent growth spurt which shows no sign of abating; and the industrial applications market is on the cusp of significant growth.
Although all of these intervals of growth occur in normally developing individuals, the adolescent growth spurt varies significantly in the initiation, duration and amount of growth.
Scoliosis often presents itself, or worsens, during the adolescent growth spurt.
The goal of the study was to determine whether fish oil affects cardiovascular risk factors during the adolescent growth spurt.
Most common in the adolescent years, it is likely caused by the alteration in the plane of the physis during the adolescent growth spurt, in addition to the increased forces of weight gain.

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