adolescent growth spurt

ad·o·les·cent growth spurt

(ad'ŏ-les'ĕnt grōth spŭrt)
Growth characterized by rapid gains in height and weight, as much as 3 inches in a single year; occurs 2 years earlier in girls.
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Adolescent growth spurt is the ideal period for growth modification therapy with the growth status assessment being important also for treatment planning decisions in other orthodontic procedures like fixed appliance treatment, orthognathic surgery and retention therapy.
(15) The adolescent growth spurt typically occurs between ages 11 and 14.
"But when I was 13, I had an adolescent growth spurt and it turned out that polio's lasting impact on me would be a sclerosis - a curvature of the spine."
Physiological striae atrophicae of adolescence, also known as physiological striae atrophicae of puberty, occur mainly in healthy, nonobese individuals at around puberty in association with the adolescent growth spurt. We describe a 16year-old adolescent male with physiological striae atrophicae of adolescence presenting with multiple purplish, atrophic, vertical linear striae isolated to the axillae and proximal arms.
Townsend, "Cervical vertebral maturation as a predictor of the adolescent growth spurt," Australian Orthodontic Journal, vol.
(4) during adolescent growth spurt, there is moderate increase in the height velocity in the prepubescent phase (Phase l).In the pubescent phase, both height and weight increase rapidly (Phase 2).
[4] Adolescent growth spurt results in 50% increase in calcium requirement and 15% increase in iron requirement.
To reach such a height, the boy would have to have been destined for an adolescent growth spurt on par with modern humans'.
Adolescent growth spurt is a universal phenomenon and occurs in all children during adolescence, though it varies in intensity and duration from one child to another.
Regeneration declined after infancy, rose during the adolescent growth spurt, and continued up until around age 20.

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