adnexa oculi

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accessory visual structures

the eyelids, with lashes and eyebrows, lacrimal apparatus, conjunctival sac, and extrinsic muscles of the eyeball.
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(ad-nek'sa) [L. adnectere, annectere, to attach]
1. The accessory parts of a structure.
2. The accessory structures to the uterus, namely, the ovaries and fallopian tubes. adnexal (ad-nek'sal), adjective

dental adnexa

Tissues surrounding the tooth, i.e., periodontal ligament and alveolar bone proper.

adnexa oculi

Lacrimal gland.
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appendages of the eye 

The adjacent structures of the eye such as the lacrimal apparatus, the extraocular muscles and the eyelids, eyelashes, eyebrows and the conjunctiva. Syn. adnexa oculi.
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