admitting physician

ad·mit·ting phys·i·cian

(ad-mit'ing fi-zish'ŭn)
A physician who is formally and legally responsible for admitting a patient to a health care facility.
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At Vanderbilt, the admitting physician noticed swelling, distortion of organs, and dried blood in Candice's airway.
Second, for each patient in the sample, events surrounding the first hospital admission (if any) between July 1982 and the end of June 1984 were examined to identify the admitting physician.
He also served as admitting physician at Serenity Lane Treatment Center.
The reputation of the hospital, including that enhanced by the provision of specialty services, increases its desirability to physicians seeking medical staff affiliation (thereby adding to its admitting physician base).
Richard Handin, and later by admitting physician, Dr.
Until the mid-1970s, "the psychiatric hospitalization of minors was considered a private matter between the minor's parents and the admitting physician.
The hospital's nursing staff kept in telephone contact with the patient's admitting physician.
Features include: a list of all inpatients for the day's rounds, with pertinent ADT information; key inpatient data such as admitting diagnosis codes and admitting physician information; a snapshot of the patient's diagnosis, lab results, medications and available reports; complete lab results available in single result detail view or longitudinal view of multiple results; text-based transcriptions, notes and radiology reports; and current medications and medications given within the past 48 hours, including names, dosages, and date and time administered.
Although the patient suffered from a serious illness, the patient's admitting physician did not place him in intensive care and did not believe that his death was imminent.
Luke's is completing a 40-user pilot of the new technology and plans to roll it out to its admitting physician staff.
Recently, a new type of provider emerged as an important player in health care organizations: the hospitalist, a full time admitting physician.