admitting physician

ad·mit·ting phys·i·cian

(ad-mit'ing fi-zish'ŭn)
A physician who is formally and legally responsible for admitting a patient to a health care facility.
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5 mg/dL in a patient with diverticulitis and the admitting physician was a general surgeon, there would be an immediate call to the clinician and an immediate consultation.
The admitting physician and his team did not record the possibility of a stroke or carry out a neurological examination.
This is increasingly important since, nationally, the percentage of admissions with hospitalists as the admitting physician have increased.
The physician list was different from the ED record, although the admitting physician approved the ED list.
The fact that the rash had spread to my palms and the bottom of my feet gave the admitting physician, Dr.
Martha Nocum, the admitting physician, said Arroyo has undergone an X-ray of the neck.
After the admitting physician examined the patient, he too notified the nurses that the patient had trouble standing.
hospitalist is the assigned admitting physician half the time, a MFM is the assigned admitting physician 14% of the time, and 38% stated that it could be either.
One limitation to telemedicine is that it is difficult for remote physicians to be the admitting physician, so they have to communicate very clearly to the physicians who are going to be admitting that patient," says Whitener.
Joby and the kids insisted we take a taxi directly to nearby Changi General Hospital; the admitting physician confirmed that I had pneumonia.
Referring Physician and Orders--As referenced earlier, ensuring the name of the admitting physician who has agreed to sign the home healthcare orders is essential As the nurse discharging the patient, it is essential to ensure the physician listed as the admitting physician is aware of the patients need for home healthcare This may require a physician-to-physician handoff by the hospitalist caring for the patient during their inpatient stay to ensure there are not delays in obtaining orders for care.
The admitting physician adds the new Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) modifier -Al (that is, "'A' upper-case 'i' ") to the initial visit code, so that Medicare can distinguish the admitting physician from others providing care for the patient.