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Conclusion Final infarct size was ±10% for treatment and placebo groups; treatment group did marginally better
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It was perfectly natural and safe to admire beauty and enjoy looking at it,--at least under such circumstances as the present.
Satan had his companions, fellow devils, to admire and encourage him, but I am solitary and abhorred.
Though in words, phrases, songs, he is inexhaustible about how highly he prizes Christ, he renounces nothing, gives up nothing, will not reconstruct his life, will not be what he admires, and will not let his life express what it is he supposedly admires.
The follower aspires with all his strength, with all his will to be what he admires.
The Admires were a close-knit family, the uncle said, and Blake Admire was distraught over his father's death.
No known problems existed between 66-year-old Christine Joanne Admire and her son, Blake Leon Admire, 43, relatives said.
That's what hurts the most," said the suspect's uncle, Richard Admire of Veneta.
A lab technician admires Ethan Hawke's endowment, makes a gratuitous comment about his own son so that we know he's really not queer, and Gattaca is off and crawling.
You have to admire Niccol's humanizing agenda in movie terrain usually crowded with numbing technology and digital stereo explosions.
In an age when the banalities of cultural studies have become an inescapable presence in every academic journal and college curriculum, it's exhilarating to experience the withering blasts of Gass' ire, and listen to him as he enlarges upon them by citing passages of poetry or prose that he particularly admires, wrapping the whole in an ornate latticework of example, exhortation, supposition, cross-reference, and caustic aside.
Ferdinand School in San Fernando admires Harriet Tubman, who led slaves to freedom in the middle 19th century.
I admire her because she stood up for blacks and refused to get off her seat for a white person.