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AMP579 Delivery for Myocardial Infarction Reduction. A trial assessing the ability of AMP579, an adenosine agonist, to limit the final size of an infarct
Conclusion Final infarct size was ±10% for treatment and placebo groups; treatment group did marginally better
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I saw Jane Fairfax and conversed with her, with admiration and pleasure alwaysbut with no thought beyond."
But Major Fitz-David's admiration rose from one climax to another with such alarming rapidity that I felt the importance of administering a practical check to it.
'Yes, I know it's very pretty,' said the young man, looking with an air of admiration in the barmaid's face; 'I said so, you know, just this moment.
Then he introduced John Browdie, who had remained in a state of great admiration ever since the young lady in the bar had been so skilfully won over to the right side.
The twins went out of the office arm-in-arm, and Nicholas, who saw in this act of kindness, and many others of which he had been the subject that morning, only so many delicate renewals on the arrival of their nephew of the kind assurance which the brothers had given him in his absence, could scarcely feel sufficient admiration and gratitude for such extraordinary consideration.
Kate went first, leaning upon her brother's arm, and talking with him and Mr Frank Cheeryble; and Mrs Nickleby and the elder gentleman followed at a short distance, the kindness of the good merchant, his interest in the welfare of Nicholas, and his admiration of Kate, so operating upon the good lady's feelings, that the usual current of her speech was confined within very narrow and circumscribed limits.
Despite a loss against powerhouse basketball team Italy, Gilas Pilipinas still deserves admiration for the 'grit and passion' they showed during the game, the Palace said Saturday night.
Total admiration for hospital staff RECENTLY I had to spend time in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital because of a stroke that I had following a nasty fall and the experience left me with so much admiration for all of the staff, from doctors and nurses down to the tea ladies, who are all incredible, caring people.
The broadcaster had an admiration score of 25.78%, according to YouGov's annual study of which public figures the people of our planet look up to.
THE nephew of a Mirror reporter who was killed on D-Day has spoken for the first time of his admiration for his ancestor's bravery.
The pavilion offered visitors an opportunity not only to learn about Qatar's experience in the field of gardening and agriculture, but also to look closely at the heritage and history of Qatar, expressing their admiration for Qatar's heritage and traditional Qatari clothing worn by men, women and children.
As soon as Egyptian contestant Sanaa sang on the stage, she received the admiration of the jury and the audience, and she was praised for her wonderful voice.